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[Post New]by mahb on Jan 28, 12 11:38 AM
does anyone know where all 60 keys are i have 58 and cant seem to find the last 2.



[Post New]by ancientpeas on Jan 29, 12 6:26 AM
The difficulty is always which ones are you missing. I nearly always forget the one on the barn (upper door) at Baxters or the one on the bullitan (sp?) board inside of Ray's Bus. Most of the keys are in the first 7 or 8 places. Nearly every hidden scene (not hidden object but hidden scene) in the first 7 places has a key. The last 3 Places (Sharp's, Esther's and Patrick Merman's only have 2 each)

There is one on the stairs at H.R. Salvage (second scene).

Sugggestion: If you think you are missing one from the hidden scenes go in with no items and remove all the removeable items in the scene. That normally helps me see them.

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[Post New]by Ktallia on Mar 2, 12 10:33 PM
How about we start creating a list of where we have found keys and then we can add to it?

What do you think?

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[Post New]by QUZEMOTO on May 26, 12 11:01 AM
possible SPOILER ALERT on keys where abouts: i have played the game several times and listed the keys found in single locations (baxters/esthers/thads etc) and have never found all the keys. i have had 56 and have had 57 and 58. so i think the game does not show them all. i have since uninstalled and reinstalled this game, which them i could not do the single locations of hidden object find only as when i clicked on it nothing happened. but i continued on with the game and this time i finally got 60 keys. so i think the keys are a glitch with the game. and after another uninstall/reinstall i waited a few days and now the play me after you found 40 keys is working and leting me play it. i got 7 keys at : ray akins/miller storage/h.r.salvage/mcquires gas/ & 6 keys at: carlise jacksons/broderick fagin/and 5 keys at pattys(someone called her that and it stuck. above millers storage and always high priced, like 115 for the tv tray etc. ) 5 keys at baxters. 3 keys at thads(clark) and 2 each at esher dowdys/pat mermans/sharps warehouse and that totals the 60.



[Post New]by BaloogyMcBoy on Jun 3, 12 9:56 PM
QUZEMOTE, I think your calculations are off, that only totals 59 keys.

I'm at 55/60 keys now and tracking where I find the last keys I'm missing:

Key 56 - Carlisle Antiques (2nd scene, hidden scene with cash register) on the desk at the bottom.

Key 57 - Baxter's Farm (1st scene, hidden scene on truck) on the white picket fence.

Key 58 - Ray Akins' Bus (2nd scene) on bulliten board next to spur.

Key 59 - McGuire's Gas Station (2nd scene) top center on the rafter.

Ok, after looking for about an hour or two, I'm stopping for now, I'd appreciate it if people would post where they found some of their keys I unfortunately didn't track where I picked up my keys so I could be missing any of them :/

After this last key I just need to get perfectionist, shouldn't be too hard, just need to remember it

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