A few words of encouragement

[Post New]by HeatherFeuer on Jan 30, 12 8:04 PM
If I had read through this forum before trying the game, I wouldn't have. But. I played the game and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is not to say I didn't get frustrated a few times, so I thought I would chime in with my own version of tips/tricks with an affirmation or two for some I found here. First: this is NOT a casual play. There are no sparkles or hints. This is an adventure game very similar to Syberia and Myst. This game is both non-linear and linear. Some things don't require order, but other things must be done in a certain order to achieve the correct outcome to move on. With that in mind here are some suggestions:

As stated by others, you MUST allow all conversations to play completely through. Be very careful with your mouse because clicking can cut a conversation short and you might miss something important -- like an item that needs to be added to your inventory.

Save often so you won't have to restart from the beginning if you miss something crucial!!!

There is a question mark icon in the bottom right corner of your screen at the right end of your inventory. Use this often and then some more. It will help you know if you have checked every area in the scene that needs to be checked. That little question mark helped me figure out what I was missing more than once! Putting your cursor right over the question mark will change it and you'll know what to do.

Save often!!

Try to talk to characters as often as possible. If there is nothing to say, Sylvie will say so and you can be sure you didn't miss something vital that way.

Finally, find a walkthrough and use it if you have to! There are more than a couple of the "mini-games" where the walkthrough will save you much frustration. This is really a great game, but you have to like this particular type of game.

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