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LEVEL 12 Flutterby Sisters HELP

[Post New]by CALGIRL on Feb 1, 12 10:15 AM
Does anyone have any tips or help for level 12 game of the Flutterby Sisters? I stumped on figuring this one out.


Re:LEVEL 12 Flutterby Sisters HELP

[Post New]by kosmickid on Mar 23, 12 7:17 PM
Don't know if this will help you, but, prob'ly because I'm lefthanded, I focus mostly on the flutterby on the left, and you need to click very quickly when you see a match. The thing that might help you is to keep your eyes moving and your mouse ready to shoot. Interesting, this is my very fave round in the whole game. Hope this helps somewhat.

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Re:LEVEL 12-6

[Post New]by fellman1 on Oct 21, 12 4:57 PM
I got through that by keeping two colors available for the butterfly on the right. Always had two to get rid of the long strand. Now I am stuck on 12-6. for days and hours I can't get past this. Can anyone help me I'm going crazy. Than you


Re:LEVEL 12 Flutterby Sisters HELP

[Post New]by jdh1211 on May 24, 13 9:42 PM
Just persevere. Take a break. Return to a lower level and shift your thinking for a minute.

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