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Level 23

[Post New]by Armande62 on Jan 22, 09 1:48 PM
I sure hope someone can give me some incite into this levle 23. I can reach the point when I can purchase cultivators...than it is down hill from there. I run out of time. Can anyone give me some ideas on how to beat this round? Jac


Re:Level 23

[Post New]by amotinados on Apr 12, 09 11:00 AM
What I did to get yellow flag : I put a worker on the market, the scouts on the gold while the other worker builds a mine, when the mine is finished put the scouts to work there(there's still some gold but we can do it later, first we need the buildings free to upgrade them). The same worker builds an academy and when it's finished buy a defender and put it in the market with the worker.Buy another defender for the mine.When you get 50 gems buy the farm and put the workers there with the defender, then begin to buy scholars to upgrade market, academy and farm( also defenders).When the academy is upgraded you can upgrade all buildings faster. I didn't upgrade the mine.When all buildings bought, put the scouts in the markets( they get gold and wood for the upgrades). Upgrades finished, begin to sell workers and replace them with cultivators and woodsmen, put the scouts to get the rest of the gold then sell them and full the 2 markets wiith merchants . You will only need 3 cultivators a worker and a defender in the farm, 4 woodsmen and a defender in the mill, , 2 scholars in the academy with a defender and 2 markets full of merchants and one defender each.(9 minutes , 23 seconds). If you demolish the mine when you don't need it could be faster( recycling). I kept it in case I needed more gold but I didn't. cheers.

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