diner dash

[Post New]by tammyz123 on Feb 1, 12 9:41 PM
i cannot get past level 5-9 what do I do?

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Re:diner dash

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Apr 16, 12 5:17 AM
Hi tammyz123,

Welcome to the Pond!

This is one of my favourite games and I know how very frustrating it can be! Some levels do require some adjustment in how you play and I am happy include some tips for you below!

So, there is no color matching in this level as all chairs are black and stay that way. Therefore, you need to create large chains to reach the required goal and prevent customers from leaving at all costs.

Remember, serving snacks breaks chains, so you will need to adjust the customer's timing to your advantage and focus on table service by waves.

Make people wait a little longer to order for example so you can sync some tables and all subsequent actions for those two together!

Finally, something I always forget when playing this game, if you are working two tables together, don't pick up the check and clear the table in one move as this breaks the chain!

Best of luck now!


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