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Click here for Level 16 help!

[Post New]by bfgHondo on Feb 3, 12 3:45 PM
Hi fishies!

Before reading any further, you may want to uninstall and reinstall this game from your Purchase History to make sure that you’re playing the newest version of this game.

Also, here are a couple of things that I thought would be helpful for you to know:

*The ‘Grocery’ = General Store.
*You can disregard the Architect altogether. He may have played a part in the original version of this game, but I was able to complete this level without ever approaching him.


Please highlight below to see how I completed Stage 1: Build two Inns:
-First, I built a Sawmill below the Town Hall.
-Next, I demolished the 2 Covered Wagons above the Town Hall, and replaced them with 2 Inns.


Please highlight below to see how I completed Stage 2: Own Grocery serving 60 guests / Own Saloon serving 60 guests / Population 110:
-First, I repaired the bridge, and then cleared a path to the Sheriff’s Office.
-Then, I constructed the top row to look as follows (Left-to-Right): Sheriff’s Office // Inn (upgraded to 2-stars) // General Store (Grocery) // Inn (upgraded to 2-stars)
-Next, I demolished the Inn directly below the General Store, and then replaced it with a Saloon.
-Finally, I built a Water Tower in the bottom-left plot, and upgraded the Houses/Inns as necessary to increase the population.

I hope this helps!


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Re:Click here for Level 16 help!

[Post New]by Cabbagepatcher on Feb 11, 12 4:55 PM
Thank you! I tried the solutions in the other thread and they didn't work for me so maybe I misunderstood something. Was ready to take six-shooter and put hole in PC.


Re:Click here for Level 16 help!

[Post New]by kazzakin28 on Feb 15, 12 2:51 AM
Thankyou. Tried this Level so many times demolishing & rebuilding things in different places but just couldn't do it. With your help,completed it within a matter of minutes!!

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Re:Click here for Level 16 help!

[Post New]by bfgHondo on Feb 22, 12 3:34 PM
Glad I could help!


Re:Click here for Level 16 help!

[Post New]by digimoan on Feb 23, 12 1:37 AM
Thanks for the help - much appreciated

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Re: Click here for Level 16 help!

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on May 1, 12 7:11 PM
I did this one quite differently, I believe.

I built a Sawmill and railway station (Trading Post) on the bottom row at right, and the required two Inns in the empty spaces on the top (north) row. (Needed to start over when one of them needed repair and I didn't have the materials, but the second time no such problem.)

Ran the Sawmill to collect wood for its various purposes, including repairing the bridge so I could satisfy the flamboyant architect and pick up a little more population from the existing houses. Used the railroad to collect necessary gold for upgrades and building the Saloon.

For my two Commercial Buildings, I built a Saloon south of the western Inn (former wagon site) and a General Store west of it (former house site, I think). Didn't take much upgrading to make the two Inns alone add up to 60.

Built another Inn on the other wagon site to help get up to the required total population.

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Re:Click here for Level 16 help!

[Post New]by brinalueth on Jul 31, 12 9:00 AM
Thank u!


Re:Click here for Level 16 help!

[Post New]by ozarik on Aug 6, 12 8:16 AM
Hallo everybody, I need help too. I'm also stuck on level 16. I purchased the game a couple of days ago so I suggest it is the newest version. The General Store is named Grocery though. But there is no button available neither Grocery nor General Store. Some buildings are locked and I can't see what kind they are. I finished all the levels before in expert mode.
I would very much appreciate your help because I like the game and would like to go on with it.

omg I feel so stupid was totally confused about the naming. The building is named General Store and I needed it before, but the task is to build a 'Grocery' had a blackout or something - I apologize

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Re:Click here for Level 16 help!

[Post New]by sassygoddess on Jan 7, 13 7:33 AM
I'm on level 16...I build the two inns, I have a population of over 120 but my saloon and grocery still say they are just serving 35 to!!!! I am going to uninstall and reinstall since I do have an older version but if this doesn't help I'm going to throw my PC out the window...LOL

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