Moon garden

[Post New]by HHrbookluver on Feb 3, 12 8:42 PM
Does anyone have any suggestion or tips on how to get through the last garden (Moon garden)? I'm not wanting expert levels just some help getting through. Thanks.

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Re:Moon garden

[Post New]by wndf on Feb 26, 13 6:58 AM
Do you mean level 5-10? If you got there, this one must be easy for you. The previous two levels are way harder. Anyway, this is how you get expert (even if you don't want to ):

1. Kill the two ants and then the two moths.
2. Clear away weeds around the purple fairy dust circles and plant the purple flowers in such a way that you 'connect' the purple circles (you want to keep them free for roses later on).
3. Do 2 for the red and pink areas.
4. While doing 2 and 3, cut away rocks and buy up to four weeding tools and a second spade.
5. Buy up to four watering cans and up to four bug sprayers and another spade.

- Now you have planted your six initial flowers, none of them IN the fairy dust circles, but between them, and you have four of all tools except spades (three is enough).

6. Keep clearing the scene from weeds, rocks and bugs.
7. Once you have enough mana, buy roses. Plant them in the fairy dust circles, by which you are now creating flower beds of equally coloured flowers.
8. Buy a fifth bug sprayer. This and the above should about be done when the first cloud of bugs hits.

- First wave of bugs: focus on the bugs that are on your flowers first. Don't forget to water the plants during the fight. And keep on clearing rocks and weeds. (You might lose one or two flowers; that's okay. Try to protect the roses.)

9. Buy a second, third and fourth patch of roses. This should be enough.
10. Keep on clearing stuff, watering your flowers and harvesting patches.

Another three waves of bugs will hit. Fight them all off. Harvesting in patches may be hard during these fights, so just harvest whatever you can, whenever you can. In the end, you should be able to buy 5 statues. Presto!

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