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[Post New]by kaartendraak on Feb 4, 12 5:16 AM
Oh my, level 7 in the forest went very well, was almost easy on luitenant level, but I can't seem to get it work at colonel. I keep on losing to green. I am taking the 10 house, then a 20, then the tower and so far it all goes well, but when I want to grab the castle right behind the tower the troubles start as green is coming up with way to many troops each time and then I try to get the other castle at the top which won't work either.

What is the strategy here to follow?


Re:forest 7 colonel

[Post New]by Trailrunr30 on Feb 29, 12 12:30 PM
If you are still interested ... I just played the Forest level 7 in the general mode and finished with a victory in 1:49 with one building lost. I targeted the 10 node in the south and upgraded. Then I went after the 20 node in the center and upgraded once. I built up to take the tower and then quickly went after the castle just beyond. And then I rushed the next tower as soon as possible, almost without let up. That tower is key. From there I targeted the castle towards the north with an eye to getting the armoury just beyond it. Once I too the armoury I funneled all troops to it and, once converted, sent them out to take the three green nodes that remained. I won with 35 seconds or so to spare. Hope that helps ... D

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