water bridges?

[Post New]by Thebigfish50000 on Feb 4, 12 11:01 AM
I can`t get through the bridges please help? and no hints I want the answer please!!?

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Re:water bridges?

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Feb 11, 12 4:59 PM
Note: The numbers shown represent the numbers from the note you get at the propane tank (Junior Level). Once you are inside, turn right and go to the yellow circle. Click on the wheel on the left and fill (1). Turn right and cross the bridge. Click on the wheel on the right and drain (2). Turn left, go down the ladder to the next level and turn around. Cross the bridge. Turn wheel on right and drain (3). Turn left and walk down the tunnel to the triangle.

Cross the bridge, turn right and drain (4). Turn left and go to diamond area. Turn wheel and fill. (5) Turn right, cross the bridge, and drain (6). Turn left, go down the ladder, and turn around. Cross bridge and drain (7). Turn left, go to triangle area, and drain . Go back to diamond, cross bridge, climb ladder, turn around and fill (9). Climb ladder again and fill (10). Cross bridge and you’ll see a new tunnel. Take a left at the red arrow.



Re:water bridges?

[Post New]by nellyandjohnny on Nov 5, 13 10:38 AM
Hi Julesyhedgehog - I followed your instructions below and all went well until I got to no.8, 9 and 10! Please help I am completely stuck! I climb the ladder, turn around, fill no 9, climb the ladder, fill no 10....then nothing! No new tunnel with arrow. I can't get out to start again and I'm completely lost

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