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Dialogue on replay

[Post New]by crowtrobot on Feb 4, 12 11:34 AM
I am currently playing 13th Skull for the first time and I am wondering, when I play it a second time, am I going to have to listen to all the dialogue again whether I want to or not? I can see having to option to listen if you don't remember something, but while I am playing now, you can click "skip dialogue" but it won't let you get anywhere in the game without going back and listening. For example, if talking to someone gives you an objective, you won't get that objective without listening to the person talk. Is that the way it is in future games? Because, although the characters are well done (with the exception of Mary, whose accent is non-existent and her wig is horrendous), I really don't want to go through all of everybody's dialogue once I finished the game the first time.

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Re:Dialogue on replay

[Post New]by nabsuc on Feb 5, 12 3:33 AM
I think you do have to listen to the the whole thing but what I did to quicken it up a bit was when they start to talk on each dialogue that came up as they start to talk I just clicked in the box and it went straight on to the next just keep clicking on each one till you get to the end of what needs to be said.

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