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Different Gameplay from original

[Post New]by luvityes on Feb 5, 12 11:10 PM
I played almost all of the first part then couldn'd continue so I looked at the videos of the game on YouTube and found some actions in the videos are not included in the game from BigFish. The game is working beautifully on Windows 7 smooth and easy but now I am stuck on the upper level with a door to open to the roof which won't open. Does anyone know if this is another unnecessary action and I can access the roof some other way?


Re:Different Gameplay from original

[Post New]by angelbri24 on Feb 17, 12 4:13 PM
I am having the same issues. The game works great, but I am stuck on a part in the beginning of the game and cannot move forward because the controls are different. It is not giving me the option to choose where the elevater moves on one part and the walkthrough and YouTube video show the opportunity to pick the up arrow button on the elevator and I cannot do this with the type of controls that I am allowed to use. I have tried going into the menu looking for control settings to change the way the game is controlled and it does not have that option. It's ashame I purchased the game and cannot play it any further. If anyone can help me with a solution to this problem I would appreciate it!

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