Software vs Hardware rendering

[Post New]by alvertis5706 on Feb 6, 12 10:01 AM
When I did the tutorial part at the beginning of the game, I was able to access the page with the inventory, etc on it. The next 2 times I tried, I got the dreaded access violation, and had to ctl-alt-del to shut down. I went into options, and changed to "software rendering" (instead of hardware rendering), and everything's been running ok since. I wasn't sure if my option change had done the trick, or if it was just coincidental; so I went and looked it up:

Software rendering means that your CPU will be making all the graphics, good for when a program was designed for awkward GPUs or Software; Hardware is where your GPU is doing all the graphical work. Software rendering was popular in games from 1999 or so, and let the game run on computers with terrible graphic cards at the cost of lessened graphical quality.

Software Rendering is good for when a computer lacks a graphic card, or the program is made for something strange and dead like 3dfx Glide or whatever .Hardware rendering is better in all other cases

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