Level 32

[Post New]by nikkimu22 on Feb 6, 12 8:05 PM
I need help with level 32. I am stuck. I get the 4 commercial buildings and the 100,000 income but how do I get the 15,000,000


Re:Level 32

[Post New]by whitepriestess on May 15, 12 7:16 AM
If anyone still needs help getting expert, I just did it with 2 seconds to spare although I'm sure there's a faster way to get it.

What I did first was build a royal hotel on one of the empty lots I already had and then immediately sold it. After it was sold, I bought 1000 materials and built a construction mill. Next, I bought the maximum number of materials as well as more workers. I kept buying empty lots and built a real estate building so that I could buy any property that didn't immediately come up on sale just in case. I had the low ball feature from the shop area so as much as possible, I tried to use it whenever I wanted to buy properties that had hotels on it.

Basically, for this level, you need 4 commercial buildings, income of $100,000, and earn $15 million.

I built 2 casinos and 2 wedding chapels in the middle lots and after those were done, I used their special features to increase income as much as possible. For all the other lots-except the ones where I already built the construction mill and real estate building, I built or bought royal hotels-remember to low ball as much as possible, especially for the royal hotels-and upgraded them all the way and included the income boost feature.

For the construction mill, I had the damage shield feature so whenever possible, I would protect my hotels with it so I wouldn't need to worry about repairs.

Now the problem is getting the $15 million. After the above, I began to sell the hotels that had the lowest percent increase and as much as possible, I used the price growth feature that I had purchased from the shop for the real estate building. At the same time, I continued to use the special features for my casinos and wedding chapels to increase income. I was finally able to earn the $15 million with 2 seconds to spare. Probably could have done this much faster, though.

Hope this helps.

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