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[Post New]by gypsy278 on Feb 9, 12 1:57 PM
Hello, I have been stuck on level 5-7 for days. No matter what try I can't get past it. Please help. I am really enjoying this game but getting frustrated and I can't find a walkthrough or a forum talking about this level. Any help would be greatly appreciated.....

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[Post New]by festclick on Nov 13, 12 9:38 AM
If anyone is still stuck on this level, here are some suggestions. Firstly, the level will be easier the more upgrades you have. Check out my discussion “machine part tips” for how to earn a lot of machine parts for the lab upgrades. By now you should have papa fusor and at least factory, if not mama factory. The more slots you have, the better. If you have all ten slots, here's what you can try. Bring freezer, mariner, buoyer, missiler, storm, floater, mini-bomb, hammer, papa fusor, fusor. The mariner isn't really needed, so leave out if you have only nine slots. It's best to have at least 40 energy start to begin with two fusors and one papa. Wait and get another papa, which fills the four slots without spikes you have at the start. Next get buoyer on the water at the back, wait, and put missiler on it. Then wait for 50 energy to get a second buoyer and papa on it and still afford mini-bomb. If you have enough upgrades for your missiler to kill the first cycler, you won't need the mini-bomb, otherwise use it and save for a second missiler on a buoyer. Then alternate papa and missiler on floaters, using the hammer to break spikes so you can fill up vertical columns from the back. That gives your missilers enough time to shoot down enemies. You probably only need three missilers to shoot down all the cyclists. In your third column start putting freezer with the usual missilers and papas in the fourth column. After about seven papas you have enough energy and can just build freezer and missiler. Five columns should be enough, and you can use storm and mini-bomb when there are a lot of enemies. Bear in mind I have all the upgrades in all three episodes, so if it is still difficult you probably need more upgrades.

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