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Tips and Tricks for Hidden World of Art

[Post New]by bfgBering on Jan 23, 09 2:45 PM
Look for parts – Some objects are hidden behind other objects, so look for a part of the item you are looking for peeking out around the edges.

Buy hints – If you need more hints, you can always buy them. However, keep in mind that each hint in a level gets more expensive, and you get a free one at the start of every level.

Out of place – Many of the objects look out of place in the picture. Look for things that don’t match the color scheme, style, or theme of the painting.

These are just a few pointers to help you out while playing Hidden World of Art. Feel free to add your own!


Re:Tips and Tricks for Hidden World of Art

[Post New]by RangerRev on Feb 13, 09 9:49 AM
I've played through a few times, and am now attempting to get the highest score on each round, as I have yet to get all the apartment upgrades.

TIP: If you click "restart" at the end of a level (rather than "continue") and wait for it to load, THEN go to menu - exit, when you later restart the game, it starts up right at the beginning of the level. This enables endless retries (if one is so patient.)

Question: Is the scoring totally random? I have tried several approaches, speed, accuracy, slow and steady---you name it!---and the score doesn't seem affected consistently. There is one pairs level where I cannot even get on the score board. No matter what I try, my score is always too low. In all other levels so far, if i try often enough, I eventually get the highest score, though i have no idea why.

Any ideas? Any other forum where I can go to find out?

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