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[Post New]by bear55 on Feb 10, 12 5:31 PM
What is the secret to beating shoe haven. Help

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[Post New]by zuix on Feb 10, 12 8:07 PM
Day 1:

Borrow the entire $1500 from loan shark.
Buy these upgrades:
Store Front - Better
Spy - Mole
Potion Maker - Elf
Entertainment - Jester
Put remaining $15 in research.
When it asks if you want to start the day while low on supplies, choose "yes"

At the end of the day you will go broke and the Godmother will bail you out.

Day 2:

Borrow $1500 again.
Use $150 to set marketing to "Non-stop Infomercials"
Buy 15 supplies
Set price (mine was demand 29% so I set price at $50)
Buy the mole - you will see dragons have research set to 13 days.
Set research to 9 days.
Pay back $1157.

Next days:

Buy supplies to keep up with demand (for example, 70% demand = buy 25 supplies). Borrow if you have to.

Set prices as per demand. If price range is $40 - 70, and demand is 50%, set price at the half-way mark plus a bit - $60.

Buy mole every turn to make sure you keep ahead of dragons on research. They will have speedy research at first, but will slow down in a few days. At first, just keep your research at 9 days or so, even if the Dragons have 7 days. Within a few days, they will slow way down and you will pass them up on the research. Just buy the mole every turn, and by about day 5, make sure you are ahead of the Dragons and that you stay that way.

Pay back as much of your loan as possible each turn.

When your loan is fully paid back, then when you get a high profit day (like 70% or more demand), use the profits to gradually continue your upgrades. Focus on entertainment first, then Hush spell and Flying Elephant Drop, then ware house.

When you have just one day to go for the research to get done, make sure you have your loan fully paid back before you start the day. That way, the next day, you can borrow all the money to get enough supplies for the two types of potions.

Hope this helps.



[Post New]by rhanyafahmy on Dec 17, 12 3:09 AM
i passed it without the mole, n 2 potion maker upgrades and 2 store upgrades, i used the carpet n another goon that costs 60 it's hard to pass with less than 2 goons.

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