music box and decoder

[Post New]by seamac on Feb 10, 12 6:40 PM
Hi, I am brand new here, love the game so far but can't seem to finish the decoding of the music box. Trial and lots of error have me with RPAE so far and that doesn't look like all but one letter of any word I know! Do you find the letters and then rearrange them into a word?? Any help is appreciated! Now if I can just find my way back here to check for replies...LOL I am NO geek and wish I were!


Re:music box and decoder

[Post New]by Whiskie on Apr 23, 12 9:14 AM
Start by moving the dial on the Decoder till the number and letter from the Decoder
Key match.

Click on each corresponding letter / number combination from the Code Key.

This will give you the key to unlocking the Special Antique.

The game will unlock the SpecialAntique or you revealing a photo.

Click the Blue Arrow to turn over the photo piece, revealing a new Decoder Key and Code Key

Repeat this procedure as with the Special Antique to reveal a new word.

I finally completed this game and it had a very happy ending!!!!

Enjoy, Whiskie

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Re:music box and decoder

[Post New]by j62janet on Mar 4, 13 2:08 AM
The first letter I get is R then if I move the dial around nothing happens, if I click on another letter, where another letter of the word is, the 'R' is removed, if I click on 'R' again, the womens hand comes in with a pencil, and writes 'R' again, can someone tell me what's going on, I'm baffled, j62janet

Some times the dial freezes, and wont move, it also goes dark!!!!!

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