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limited sparkles

[Post New]by rubylace66 on Feb 10, 12 7:28 PM
to all developers
i agree with most of the fishies..i dont like a lot of hand holding and sparkles indicating all areas of interest in a game.
however i do like the sparkles indicating a hidden object area...
i do hope that we can have an option in games where you can just have sparkles for hidden object scenes only..and the hard core people can turn them off if they like
...i love turning a corner and seeing those sparkles...i think games will start to be rather dull for some of us if everything is hard core
..just my opinion
long live the sparkles..but not too many

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Re:limited sparkles

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Feb 25, 12 1:53 AM
Hi rubylace66,

Thank you for your feedback .

As there already is a Review thread in this Game Forum, I'll be locking this thread.

If you'd like to share a review on this game, you can do so by popping over to this thread here.

You could also join in on the discussion in the thread over here.

Thank you!


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