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Continuous play after rookie? can't keep $ in other modes...

[Post New]by bkri1977 on Feb 10, 12 11:27 PM
So I played all the levels as a Rookie. Then I figured I'd start from scratch and play all the levels on Normal all the way up to the hardest mode. But when I chose 'Normal' and then played Level 1 again, I didn't get to keep any of the money I'd earned during the replay. I did, however, get a stadium upgrade before playing the level, and got to purchase new things with the $ I'd won playing the last level in Rookie mode. I assumed from that I'd be able to play the game again continuously.

This seems like a glitch, as I can't see the point in replaying levels and not getting to keep the money and coin earned so I can continue to make improvements. I did download an update, but that did nothing. Is this normal game function? If so, I'm pretty upset. I really loved this game, but I'm feeling kinda cheated at the moment...

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