Long stick no longer available

[Post New]by mswring on Feb 12, 12 12:07 PM
I found the long stick in the workshop, but after a lot of tries and finally using the Strategy Guide, I see I did some steps out of order. I used the long stick first to open the ceiling in the barn. Now, I need to use it to remove the latches on the trunk, but I no longer have it. Is there a way to get it back?? Or, do I need to start over??

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Re:Long stick no longer available

[Post New]by welshway5 on May 3, 12 2:15 AM
I opened the latches with the hand/cursor. How did you get it to use the long stick? Every time I try it says it won't work there, even though the walk through says it will.

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Re:Long stick no longer available

[Post New]by pamhamlet on Jun 22, 12 3:01 AM
I can see where the walkthrough can be a bit confusing at this point, because it says to pick up the long stick, then it tells you to open the trunk latches. However, it doesn't actually say to use the stick to open the trunk. All you do is use your hands (click using only your cursor) to open each latch on the trunk.

Often I find that trying to use a walkthrough step by step is more confusing and less satisfying than just playing around with the items and figuring things out for yourself in a game.

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