need help with storage huts!!!

[Post New]by Abi1765 on Jan 23, 09 10:33 PM
i need help! im reading over the forums and people r saying they r already moved on to other islands after just a week of playing. im still on my first island and ive been playing for over a week. i only have a bunch of huts and a the storage houses along with the craft place and the science place. i cant seem to get enough science points. i use moondust stardust i assign tribes poeple just to science.

that is one of my issues. but a bigger one is i read my tribemens thoughts and they saying they r eating but they r just walking around in a circle by the food storage hut. when there is a whole blanket full of food by the fire pit. i have two food storage huts along with 2 wood and 2 stone but yet the stone and wood pile are filled all the way up. how do i get my people to move the supplies into the storgae huts????

please help! i feel like im gona be stuck in the same place on the game forever!

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Re:need help with storage huts!!!

[Post New]by blingykins on Jan 23, 09 10:41 PM
Is your fire lit .. it doesn't matter how much food is there .. if the fire isn't lit .. they won't eat .. also make sure nothing is blocking acccess to the fire .. hope that helps

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Re:need help with storage huts!!!

[Post New]by player84 on Jan 30, 09 7:04 PM
You do not have to move supplies into the huts they just allow you to collect a larger number of supplies. You can only collect 100 of each w/o a hut. You can add 500 more per hut. It does not matter where they drop supplies off at, they will pick them up from which ever is closed. So if you are only chopping trees at the back of your island and only storing them away in a wood storage hut close, you can be building at the front of the island near your pile or another wood storage hut and they will pick up wood from the one closest even if you are not dropping wood off there. The program only counts numbers, not where they are going.

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Re:need help with storage huts!!!

[Post New]by BossBrat on Jan 30, 09 9:32 PM
Just make sure you have a LOT of scientists. I always make my people do more than one thing. Example: John is a scientist and farmer. If you do that, they will take turns on what they do. First, he will catch a fish, then he'll go to the science lab for a while. It's the easiest way to get things done. DON'T GIVE UP! You'll get there sooner or later. Good luck to you.


Re:need help with storage huts!!!

[Post New]by Sageoz_N_Cas on Feb 4, 09 2:18 PM
Storage huts are "extra" storage. The blankets will still be full because it now not only stores on the blankets but ALSO the storage huts. It doesn't transfer it's just more room to carry more stuff.

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, but if you use a star on a blanket it will add more to that blanket.
This tip helps when moving to a new island and starting fresh.

Also, if you use a star on a partial tree it will make it a full tree again. It comes in handy if you ever cut down a tree that you didn't really want cut down or change your mind about.

One way to make sure someone eats is to pick them up and set them down on the food pile.
Also, make sure that your fire pit is not blocked where they are unable to get to it.

As for the science points... as BossBrat mentioned, I also made sure all my people are set to have 2 tasks. Almost all of mine had Science and 1 other. That way there was usually always a lot of them doing science as the other stuff got done pretty quickly. I also used a ton of moondust.

I have only been playing going on 2 weeks now and I am already on my 5th island.
I was done with all science points/research and moved to my second island after about 4 days of playing. In the begining while most my people were still young I left my game on "Fast" while not playing. This really helps, specially if you set a bunch of stuff to get done while you are away. Like setting out the Shipyard and boats to get done while away because it gets done faster than sitting and watching them.

Also, I think what helped get things done faster was because I made all my people have twins as soon as they could. Women will have a baby again after the last one they had turns 2 years old.

I had all 50 people to grow and help quickly in less than a week.
I also made sure that my second island had a fountain on it so that it could help keep them alive so that I don't have to wait for more youngsters to grow up.
Now that most of my tribe is fairly old I usually pause my game when I know I won't be able to check on them often because they will die if they get too old and I can't get to them to give them the potion.
To help move things along now as they are older I usually only turn them on fast while away when I cook dinner, clean or doing things around the house where I can check on them every 1-3 hours.

My oldest is now 115years old. I'm just waiting on that age trophy.

Good luck!


squigly plant mystry?

[Post New]by lancir on Jan 4, 10 3:42 PM
can someoe tell me what this squiggly plant mystry plant is ?
and how i solve it
thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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