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[Post New]by bribling on Jan 24, 09 12:03 AM
I just finished. This is a fun and easy game, I really enjoyed it, Thanks to all involved. I also loved the end credits!.

I enjoyed the art work and the story. I was able to see almost all of the objects without them being too large or too small. Note to game developers: It CAN be done!

I have only three criticisms.

1. I was looking forward to playing the end of the game, finding the conquistador objects but instead just had to watch the end play out in cartoon panels.

2. The text info at the very end changed faster than I could read it. Why they did this, I can't imagine. The cartoons were slow enough (too slow for me).

3. Lastly (but not least), the game has little replay value as the story will be the same each time you play it as will the objects you must find, and there seems to be no way to fast forward through the cartoons which I wouldn't want to view on the replay.

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[Post New]by jill165x on Jan 24, 09 9:52 PM
During the cartoons, you can left-click repeatedly. It doesn't skip, but it will fast forward the panels and word bubbles.

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[Post New]by Debbie387 on Jan 25, 09 3:48 AM
I enjoyed this one too, not too challenging and most objects were easy to find, nice relaxing HO game



[Post New]by pixie09 on Jan 25, 09 6:44 AM
I have this game and stopped playing it. I got stuck on the level where you have to put the animal images in the mirror. How do you get the lion amulet in the mirror? Where is it?



[Post New]by hsoftley on Jan 25, 09 9:25 AM
Well, I finished the game and though I really don't want to grumble I have to say that as a HO game this one was really lacking in hidden objects. I found it to be more of a rpg than ho........should have been the other way around. It is a good game though a bit short but it really isn't a hidden object game at all. Very disappointing not to get what your looking for. I learnt my lesson and will do more reading before buying. I also buy the back up cd's because we're on dialup internet so downloads are often impracticle. As well we'll soon be needing a new computer and with the back up cd I don't need to go through the hours of download time. This one took about 10 hours or so to download. So one credit and $7 later I'm quite disappointed.

Any recommendations for good hidden object games would be welcome. I loved ravenhearst because it had tons of HO's plus good RPG as well but it kept true to its genre unlike the Lost Kingdom. Sleepy Hollow was great as was Buckingham Palace also, real HO games.


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[Post New]by ADTech on Jan 25, 09 12:06 PM
Try Robinson Crusoe, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I would first try the free 60 minute download just in case. Have you played the Sammantha Swift game as this was an excellent game as well? Sorry this message was for hosftley, should have used the quote action.

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[Post New]by Darkborg on Jan 26, 09 8:02 AM
Hi how many chapters are there please I have got to 12 on free time :-) and wonder if there many more as I may buy

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