This game freezes at the same place

[Post New]by PlaySusan on Feb 14, 12 4:02 PM
I am in the lab collecting articles for the big poster at the site where I collect the 10 leaves and when I have collected all the articles the whole scene freezes and then I get a little notice saying "object not found". Noticed too that it froze at other places in the pharmacy, but was able to get them going if I pressed Control / Escape and then went back into the game.
I like this game good logic, great graphics and I love the history, but ....
Please help!

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Re:This game freezes at the same place

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Feb 15, 12 5:30 AM
Hi PlaySusan,

Welcome to the Pond!

I was swimming by and noticed that your game is freezing on you. Have you tried having a look at the following Help Article?

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

If you are not able to get the game working properly using our Help pages , be sure to get in touch with Customer Support and one of our reps will be more than happy to work on this with you.

In the help page section, scroll down and you will find the option to contact us on the bottom left under Contact Us.

As we already have a thread dedicated to Technical issue for this game, I'm going ahead and locking this to keep things tidy, but feel free to repost this issue Here

Hope this helps!


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