Animal Pairing Puzzle - I don't get it?

[Post New]by KingaroyJoy on Feb 14, 12 9:10 PM
Hi fishies

Does anyone understand the point of this puzzle? Its behind the animal painting on the left wall, that you have to unlock, found in Chapter 5 in the Music Room Ballroom, inside the Halward Estate. Instructions say its a pairing exercise. There are 9 tiles, with 4 images on each, to rotate. The implication is that you are meant to match up the same animal on adjoining tiles. I feel quite silly, surely its not that hard

But its just not possible to pair. The walkthrough (thankfully there is a walkthrough for this puzzle) gives an image of the solution, but they aren't paired. I don't see any pattern in the solution image.

I'd really like to understand WHY I'm supposed to align the images that particular way. It doesn't look like you are pairing anything! The solution seems to be completely random, as though its designed to do your head in..

Its been such a lovely game so far. I was really enjoying it. I can continue the game (thanks to the WT) but I really want to know why that is the solution. It just doesn't make sense.

Does anyone understand this puzzle?

Thanks for any light you can shed


Re:Animal Pairing Puzzle - I don't get it?

[Post New]by riches2b on Jun 5, 13 10:27 PM
I concur! Sometimes I thing they make puzzles that R unsolvable just 2 mess with us. Thought it may have something to do with the background or food-chain, but I see no logic either.

Unless they intended the tiles to be swappable AND rotatable as in other puzzles. But sense they allow a meaningless solution; they most likely know about the bug and decided not to provide a patch.

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