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Re:Walkthrough Zoo Vet: Endangered animals

[Post New]by vianovaus on Oct 28, 08 4:13 AM
Senior Veterinarian

Patient 3: Polar bear

Name: Pax
Symptoms: Vomiting, fainting

1. Had the keepers noticed any unusual behavior prior to this incident?
2. Are the other polar bears having any signs of distress?
3. Has there been any changes in diet?

Palpate the mouth
Stethoscope on abdomen respiration: low
Pulse Ox meter on ear
X-ray abdomen
Orogastric tube in mouth
IV fluids via front legs
IV meds: Antibiotic
Hair clippers on shave area
Antiseptic wipe on surgical site
Scalpel on surgical site
Suture on stomach
Suture on incision

Diagnosis: Gastric dilatation / Volvulus

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