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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Soccer Cup Solitaire

[Post New]by Janie42 on Jun 14, 12 4:22 AM
An adddictive, well-designed alternative to the usual solitaire, with cheerful artwork/graphics, the game offers a great variety of layouts, power-ups, obstacles, plus wild card spots, so that we have many ways to get goals to win matches.

During play, there's a score/goal meter that fills up as we make runs & pairs, etc. When it hits 3500, we're awarded a goal. Chains give a big multiplier & levels have no time limits.

To add the "lucky-or-not" aspect of RL sports, occasional mystery cards offer little mini-games (non-intrusive, brief), e.g., gain a points bonus for a great pass, or worse, fumble & the other team scores. This all happens with the cards, so we don't need to know anything about soccer.

Yet, for soccer fans like myself, how the game's structure follows perfectly the real World Cup soccer match system is a definite bonus. We can learn a bit more about this & soccer in general, but those bits are optional, not required for gameplay.

The music is real soundtracks & it's wonderful, should appeal to ages from 20's through to +60's. It can be turned off, so can the commentator's voice which is realistic & does help IMV to build excitement as we play.

Note: when trying the demo *play it all the way through* because while it's an easy game to learn, it takes a bit to catch onto what we need to do to make good progress. The action ramps up somewhat as matches go forward, but it's never unfair & we can always skip ahead or replay any level.

With so many features & unlimited re-playability, I run through a few levels of this game quite often & highly recommend it.

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