The Fifth Gate

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[Post New]by SolarEclipse on Jul 4, 10 3:06 PM
The only thing I didn't care for (same thing as in Magic Farm): too many pests. One is already busy enough with gathering flowers and watering them, clicking on the well etc. I understand the pests are just an additional challenge, but less of them would have been fully sufficient as a challenge as well. For me, they take some of the fun out of the game play. I don't mind being busy during a level, but not almost exclusively with pests. Still, that's just a very minor issue.

GloomySunday, I agree with you here. I think the developers should have realized that it was a bit too much. A few pests are fine, but not to the point where it consumes the whole level. It makes the game too reliant on reflexes. I think it's a bit unfortunate because I think more people would have enjoyed the game if there were less pests and if they moved more slowly.

Still a great game, but it limits the playability for some people.

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Re:The Fifth Gate

[Post New]by katejoe999 on Jul 4, 10 3:21 PM
I agree with the poster about building up money. I sold the potions I made rather than give them for the quest until I had some money to upgrade water and buy helper plants and spells. They really help with the pest problem - one click and you are done. There is a nifty helper plant later on the allows to to get rid of pests with one click too.

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Re:The Fifth Gate

[Post New]by memawclay2 on Jul 4, 10 5:07 PM
There is quite a bit of subtle strategy in this game.....make expert level or go for more gold and upgrades ???
Give the witch her requests or dig/plant more flowers ???
Smash all those pests first or water/harvest your flowers ???
Spend all your hard earned gold now or save it for another day ???
Potion making is a blast !! I love how the bottles light up to alert you of their availability. Makes it so easy to choose which ones to make up first for resale or quest fulfillment.
I have not made it out of the first gate yet. And it's so satisfying to see how much more game play is in store.
This is a winner (and a buy) for me, thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

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