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[Post New]by ConnieWatson on Aug 24, 10 9:47 AM
Question and Review of Golden Trails: The New Western Rush
I have an iMac computer I got last April. I have no problems with this game running
on my computer. It loads quickly and runs well except for one small thing I mention below.

I am an old lady who just started playing computer games. LOL! I am not a gamer, per say. I do enjoy HOG as a change from Mahjong and card games. I have purchased about 6 HOG from Big Fish. Most end too soon and in playing only a few minutes at a time (I do have other things to do! LOL) I am usually finished in a couple days. I do have grand kids that like to play these games.

I was rather pleased with this game as it wasn't just a one time through and you've done it all. There is the Secret Mission and the EXTRAS so this game gives you more for your money. Compared to the few games I have played this one gives you more.

The story line is hard to follow, but that is not that important. If you like earning the awards and trophies you will play through the game several times and the story line becomes more clear. However, if you play the Adventure mode again it erases any trophies you won for that name the first time through. So if you want to keep the trophies you earn the first time through, play again with a different name.

The unlimited game is fun to see how fast you can get through each unlocked scene. I have all of the scenes under a minute and for an old lady....I think that is good.

My only complaint would be that sometimes you click on the correct object and you get the red X meaning a wrong click. If you are working for the award of so many correct clicks in a row, it ruins it.

My question about this game is this. I have played this game through about 5 times. I am trying to figure out how you can possibly get the trophy for 250 sheriff badges. The most I can get is about 220. That is finding all the badges in each scene and getting all but about 10 bad guys in the shooting gallery in the mini games. I don't think there are 250 sheriff badges available to get, yet there is an award for it on the trophy page. The shooting gallery in the mini games stops giving you targets after from 22 - 35 and with only 5 mini games to play and only 3-4 badges in some of the about 20 scenes throughout the just doesn't add up to 250. Has anyone got 250 badges? If so how did you do it?

Thanks for any ideas.


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[Post New]by scallerbar on Nov 17, 10 6:57 AM
What forge where? In my inventory I have a blank space, a bucket with water and a wish bone or tweezers what ever it is. I can not move from the saloon or the trading post

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[Post New]by Marcie28018 on May 22, 11 8:59 AM
This has to be the shortest game I have ever played from big fish. I liked the game and though " where is the rest of it" but there was no more!!!! Had no trouble with the game play went through the whole adventure in a few hours. I was so disappointed! I will read reviews before I buy another game to see if it worth buying due to short game play. [b]WHAT IS WITH THIS BF?????


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[Post New]by farhan7890 on Jun 8, 11 4:13 AM
i have problem in this game.
i only try the games not buy it so............
when i start this game it says expection?
pls help.


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[Post New]by Juda1937 on Jul 30, 11 4:37 AM
How do I find the Key and Trowel in the Mansion?

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