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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Chime Spirits

[Post New]by amminnc on Aug 17, 10 10:44 AM
Totally boring. You could literally be 99% asleep and still play this -- absolutely no thinking or reacting required. A real snoozer, which is a real shame because it does introduce a new format for M3 games. But it just doesn't work in this "game" (and I use that word loosely...).

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Chime Spirits

[Post New]by LizzieK on Aug 19, 10 6:10 PM
I have completed the game twice and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It started out slow and I thought it might be boring but as soon as I saw the puzzles I was hooked. The scenes are beautiful and the music ethereal and relaxing. The story is mystical and has a twist at the end if you finish the expert modes.

There are 72 levels in the story mode and about one third of them are the puzzle type games. The puzzles are the reason I bought the game so I’m glad there were that many. The Expert Modes are not unlocked until you complete the Story Mode. The Expert Levels and the Expert Puzzles are only five screens each for a total of 10 extra levels. They are a part of the Story Mode. You can continue to play in the Endless and Survival Modes or you can start a new profile and begin the story mode again.

The Endless Mode is unlocked after you complete the first 8 levels. It is a variety of the regular match-3 screens but without the Dark Symbols and Black Holes that drain your points.

The Survival Mode is unlocked after you complete the first 30 levels. It is the regular match-3 with the added challenge of the Dark Symbols and Black Holes swirling around.

The Story Mode levels get increasingly difficult. When you get up into the levels beginning with about 60 they get a little hectic but they are not too hard to master with perhaps a few tries. You are given quite a few Power Ups along the way that help you out and are fun to use. I would like to have seen better explanations of the Power Ups in the How to Play section of the game.

I also would like for there to have been more of the puzzle mode type screens but at my age in a couple of weeks I can play them again and I won’t remember any of the solutions, but I can always look at my videos (which are on youtube).

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Chime Spirits

[Post New]by Gieyo on Aug 25, 10 4:14 PM
It seems it might be worth getting back to finish the demo hour... I had quitted after level 12 (around 20 minutes gameplay) and came to see what other Fishies said about it.
So far I didn't get the hang of the story with this "spirirt" asking for help for no apparent reason. Quite honestly, I was not engaged at all.
The background art was nice, and the music sort of relaxing (except for the "bleahhhngggg!"'s of each match you make , which kept me thinking of Peter Ustinov boringly stroking his lyre as Nero "in Quo Vadis".
As other Fishies mentioned, the game starts VERY slow and is apparently purposeless, as you finish levels without any startegy. I didn't even know why the level was finished, although maybe I missed the typical "filling-up icon" that indicates when you've done enough matches.
Up to level 12 the puzzles were also VERY basic and unchallenging.
I passed the first floating black hole level and thought it was just as aimless as the previous levels so far. Was actually considering to let one of the black holes get to the right of the screen to see what exactly happened, but they drift so slowly I didn't have the patience.
The aesthethics were nice and I'm glad to hear it does get better and challenging. I might just go back to it tomorrow, but it's a shame (especially if it is an interesting game as some of the buyers have pointed out) that the first 20 minutes invite a big percentage of the players to simply quit without even finsihing the trial.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Chime Spirits

[Post New]by Taynicjam on Aug 30, 10 4:02 AM
I usually like M3 but this one has got to be the most boring game I have played in a really long time. I found the random clicking got me a good score as much as strategic clicking as well.

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