Re:Post any Robin's Quest: A Legend Born technical issues here.

[Post New]by Laurens1973 on Jun 22, 14 12:12 PM
Im playing this game on android, galaxy s3.
Its a bit small to see, but very playable.

Now I got a problem, and I think it must be solvable. I think this happens more often.

Im stuck at chapter 13 . The SAW section.
I was busy with the hidden object scene, in the chest.
I was halfway, and accidentally left the scene, but did not found everythinng yet.
But I could not get back to the hiddenobject scene, I cant finish it and only then I get a essentisl item

Problem is, I cant continue since I dont have the item I need to continue: the crank.

I tried to.solve it by going back to the very beginscene of the game. Didnt help.
I wandered around, but nothing helps me further.

The game has no saves, except the moment you exit.

I hope someone can help me out,
Thanx in advance.

PS this is first full game for free I play on android, untill now I played only a part untill u got to pay.
Amyone knows more similar games, free and full?

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