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[Post New]by amby0625 on Dec 21, 10 4:34 AM
near the end of a level, I also usually try to be quick and recycle all my plants as fast as I can so I can earn the tightwad trophy (for having at least 1,000 sun energy left)


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[Post New]by recreation on Jan 1, 11 11:29 AM
Katherine's ideas are helping. I am doing better than I was before. Still haven't made the level, but her suggestion for symmetry of the plants and not to overlook the poison flower have helped me progress.


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[Post New]by stallman429 on Jan 1, 11 11:32 AM
Amby... thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much... going to spend the lazy day trying to finally overcome the level!!!


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[Post New]by Laurie68 on Jan 1, 11 6:48 PM
i printed your instructions, and followed them to a tee, andi got thru it with a PERFECT. well done on the instructions, i did have to check your youtube video for complete instructions on plant placements and had to restart a couple of times til the "bugs" went the right route to be zapped in the first few levels; but it all worked!
Thank you for your posting.


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[Post New]by Cabbagepatcher on Jan 2, 11 5:28 AM
ElizabethR1533 wrote:

So far established that the tomatoes seem to be about as useful as a chocolate fire guard, and upgrade slowly - so I die

That's a great expression!


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[Post New]by Cassakane on Jan 6, 11 7:30 PM
I have been working on this level for about a week. I'll try a few times and then give up, only to try again later. I've read through everyone's suggestions...but I want to make sure of this. It seems like most people are just trying to pass the level? I am trying to beat it with a perfect rating. So far, the best I have done is completing the game with only 1/2 a strawberry lost. Has anyone completed it with a perfect rating? If so, how did you do it?

FYI, here is how I am playing the game:

I put a pink flower on the lower small island in the middle.

I put a corn plant on the upper small island in the middle.

I put a pea cannon on the square that extends down on the right hand side.

I put a tomato on the square that extends up on the left hand side.

This is generally a good start, but you can never tell when a bug is going to randomly get through to a strawberry patch.Which for me = restart.

Once you have enough credits, buy a peacannon and put it to the right of the rock that is above the tomato. This will allow it to shoot bugs as they come out of the hole, and to turn around and help the tomato.

After one hundred more credits, buy a cactus and put it in the center of the land below the strawberry patch in the upper left hand corner.

After you get 100 more points, buy a cactus and place it in the center of the piece of land above the strawberry patch in the lower left corner.

During the butterfly level (6?) upgrade your peacannon. At the end of the butterfly level, you should have 49 credits. As soon as you hit 50 during the butterfly and beetle level, upgrade your tomato.

After this, buy pea cannons and tomato plants as often as you can. First placing them on the small squares that stick out to the left and right on the final paths, then at the lanes where the bugs leave their holes (place them so they have the largest effective shooting area), then on the small squares that hang down and stick up near the middle islands.

As far as I can tell, more plants are more effective than upgrading. Something else that works well, is to hold off buying a plant when you have the money. If you see a bug breaking through the line to get to a patch, place a plant down near the patch.

If anyone can tell me how to get a perfect on this level, I would really appreciate it.


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[Post New]by bfonvill on Dec 31, 12 10:48 PM
I have beat level 23 with perfect at least 10 times. The problem is that the bugs come out and move randomly toward one path or the other, so that what works the first time you try it won't work the next time. I found a system that worked for me, and if it doesn't get me through the first five waves, I start over again. I have learned that if you can get the first five waves, the rest of the level is a breeze. The biggest problem after that is if every bug in the wave decides to go down one path instead of dividing and going both ways.

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