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[Post New]by benji7 on Mar 4, 11 5:31 PM
Haiku Journey is a very long game.

What you need to play it:

1: a large amount of time about 6 hours a day to reach a new platform.
2 a lot of consistence and energy to get to a new platform.
3 The game is very addictive as the developers made it this way you can't
save a game without losing all your saved points and levels and other bonusses.
4, Because of this you have to finish about 8 or 9 levels to get to a new platform
where your bonussed are saved.
5 You have to create haulu poems and you can get all kind of bonusses.
6 The game starts with 5 swaps for letters in a diagram with letters mixed.
7 If you do not get the long words with the 5 swaps in the first stage you can
better forget about winning and getting forward in this haiku journey.
8 It starts of not to hard but after the first to platforms you get a title :
the first is apprentice, than student, professor, elder , poet , haiku poet
and finally haiku master.
9 If you do not get past the 350.000 points you game gets not saved and you have
to start from the beginning, thats really annoying and also giving your motivation
not really much to carry on.
10. Get the swaps in the first platform as you do not get the swaps you will not be able to carry on very much in the journey.For the swaps you can create long words
which can give you bonusses for the points up to 3x the word amount.
11. After some time you get some play tools like 10 longer turns or another bonus.
12. You will struggle and struggle till your dead tired.

A word for the developers of haiku journey, make it a lot easier and get rid of making games that long and annoying.Get the saved modus much earlier, level up does not mean level up, well you go level up, but it does not get saved until you haved got to a new platform which last at least 6 hours to reach that. If you quit earlier all your bonusses are gone. so the game is forcing you to go on struggling in such an amount of time you want to stop it and uninstall the game.
Only real diehards with a twist in the mind will be able to fullfill this haiku journey
So hopefully they make a new haiku journey with some beter modus to play relaxed and where you can save the game without losing all you reached points.
Apart from that the idea of Haiku Journey is excellent and the joy in playingwill return when there come new features to save the game.
When developers have done that i will recommend this game for anyone as a the best word game i know.


Re:Haiku Journey - DD for 15Dec2010 - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by CaptainHaiku on Mar 6, 11 9:56 PM
Benji7, your comments about Haiku Journey don’t match my experience all that much. Sure, it can be a long game to play, but you can start and stop where you like and, for me, it always saves where I am (in both gameplay modes) and at all levels (I’ve never had to reach a minimum number of points for games to be saved). If you fail to finish a level by the required time or turns, though, I think it does send you back to the beginning of that level, but hey, that’s part of the challenge and the fun. I also think I get through each level way faster than six hours, too. Whatever the case, I continue to find this game very relaxing.

And if it’s useful to know, I was the haiku editor for this game (I won’t tell you how many hundreds of haiku the game’s database holds!), and also wrote the text about haiku that you can read as you reach each level. Hope folks are reading, enjoying, and perhaps even learning from that. Or have most of you not been reading that text?

If this game piques your interest in haiku poetry, do check out the Haiku Society of America at or other haiku organizations in your area, as well as my own site (chiefly about haiku) at

Michael Dylan Welch

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