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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by huntington101 on Dec 18, 10 11:00 AM
hannah57 wrote:I actually bought this game awhile ago from another site. It seems you can't lose unless your as slow as a turtle. I find there is no challenge with this game. The first one was impossible to finish, I finally stopped trying and deleted it. BUT you should try this one because you really never do seem to run out of time.

The first one is not impossible Hannah. I have completed it many times. It's all in getting the right powerup at the right time. Check my first post in this thread for some tips and give it another go.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by KathyD56 on Dec 18, 10 11:06 AM
I was a Beta tester for this game and was happy & surprised to receive the full game free because of that. I am almost finished with a first play through and am currently in the "build a statue of Jupiter" part.
For those who don't like timers, you should really give the demo a try. The later levels are harder, but it is quite easy to buy extra time with resources. When the time is almost up, a pop-up appears and asks if you want to buy extra time for so much in resources. And when that time is up, the pop-up again appears--so it is almost impossible to lose a level. Knowing this should help keep you from stressing out when the timer is almost out of time. Because I could never complete the first Cradle of Rome, as the final levels were really tough, I really appreciate this feature in the new game.
There are lots of extras in the game, which is also surprising, as it is not a Collector's Edition. The music is the same as the first game.
I can see that this is a game that I will play over and over, especially since I will be able to finish all the upper levels, unlike the first game.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by SilverMaple on Dec 18, 10 11:19 AM
jlemley wrote:I don't post much but the original Cradle of Rome is one of my all time favorites and I've replayed too many times to count. In my opinion this is nothing compared to the first one. Sure the extra mini games were nice - but again - they were all too easy in my hour of game play.

The graphics are good but not great. It doesn't make up for the rest of the game. Pretty boring in my opinion and a no buy.

I love the original Cradle of Rome took me the while to reach the end but no matter
how often I did it,I never succeded in getting the fisherman. Drives me crazy!!!
Did you get him and how did you do it?


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by StanC4 on Dec 18, 10 11:24 AM
QEIII wrote:I've played 50 mins of the demo and whilst I think it is quite good, I preferred the Ballville M3 that came out a couple of days ago. I was getting a bit bored towards the end of the demo and so I don't think it will be for me.

Completely agree with you. Ballville is much more interesting and addictive


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by stewac11 on Dec 18, 10 11:39 AM
I loved the first Cradle of Rome and almost bought this one without trying the demo. Glad I didn't. I agree with the posts about the beautiful backgrounds and the new features add more fun to the game, but did anyone besides me feel queasy after playing for a while? The board bobs every time you make a match and after a while it was not only annoying but nauseating. Haven't had this happen before, and would have loved to have purchased this game, but for me it's a no go.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by Lyndy20 on Dec 18, 10 12:22 PM
Cradle of Rome 2 is a worthy successor to the first Cradle. There are three modes, Adventure, Tourney and Blitz. There are also bonus challenges in the Extras section, and trophies to achieve. The backdrop graphics are beautiful and the music is pleasant.

The Adventure mode is the main game, with 100 levels. I found it easier than Cradle 1, in that the bonuses recharged quickly so you could be more liberal using them. An extra bonus appears on the field when you match 5. Also, for those who do not like timed games, I found the timer to be quite generous. There is also the option, if you are timed out, to buy additional time from your resources rather than loose a life. This is handy If you are a trophy collecting person. One trophy is to win the game without loosing a life, and that is achievable! Obstacles are the usual chains and marbled tiles. Skulls appear later on and if you match them the tiles become marbled. There is an evil ice obstacle that none of the bonuses destroy. You can only destroy it by a vertical match above. For building you play mini-games to buy blueprints. There are six different mini-games and these are very easy.

Tourney mode is unlocked at 500,000 points in Adventure mode. This can be achieved quickly, as you earn lots of points by winning trophies and playing mini-games. Tourney has 40 levels. You can play these with no time restrictions, or try to beat the top 3 high scores for a medal.

Blitz mode is unlocked after the Adventure is finished. This is 100 levels, with cups to win. You have a certain amount of time to finish each level which increases when you match. There are save points at every few levels so if you loose you can restart from that save point.

Overall, this is a nice, versatile game. It can become more challenging if you are going for trophies. Some trophies are best achieved early in the game, e.g. beating a level under 1 minute, constructing two buildings in one turn. Other trophies are achieved automatically and one or two might make you sweat a bit to achieve them.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by africangreylady on Dec 18, 10 12:23 PM
This is a very nice, relaxing match 3 game. I loved the first Cradle of Rome, which I bought from a different site when it first came out. When I bought a new computer I had to re-download all my games and Cradle of Rome was in German only! I've purchased Cradle of Rome 2 and now I think I'll get the first game again from BF, in English this time. Both of these games are great to play when your brain and/or eyes aren't up to a game requiring more concentration, or finding hidden objects. The Cradle of Rome games are by far my favorite match 3 games.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by muttmom on Dec 18, 10 1:06 PM
I played this game at another site and enjoyed it a lot. I even put up a post at BF to see when it was coming. Thanks BF for including it on your game list. I get tired of Hidden Object games.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by hellfern on Dec 18, 10 1:09 PM
Pieces are much too small for me! Play is slow. No buy!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by Itsupikachu on Dec 18, 10 1:44 PM
cherbtoo wrote: What an absolute waste of gorgeous backgrounds it is a crying shame that they have to be covered up with the Match 3 boards, they deserve to be in a game of their own where their beauty can be appreciated. Please reuse them and make a Settlement Colossus type game ...

Although I enjoy playing an occasional Match 3 game I can't buy one where you have lives to lose because I just cannot move fast enough to clear the boards before the time runs out and consequently I can never make it very far into the game. I know the purpose of the game is to beat the time but there are some of us that would buy them if only there was a relaxed mode option and putting one in wouldn't stop the people that "like beating the clock" from enjoying the game.

In view of the above alas it is a no buy for me .


I agree with cherb 100%. Why can't these match 3 game developers realize that they would sell more of their games if they would just include an un-timed option?? Because of the game being ONLY TIMED it is a no-buy for me as well.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by daisyduck352 on Dec 18, 10 2:45 PM
I liked Cradle of Rome 1 and I never did finish it, would always get to a certain point and lose all my lives.. It's nice to have a match game for a change instead of the HOG's. I am adicted to them so need a change of pace. Will consider buying this as I know how much I enjoyed the 1st game. Glad to see some games that are worth my time.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by calsmom2001 on Dec 18, 10 3:35 PM
I also beta'd this game (but didn't get it free, maybe because they gave me a free Letters from Nowhere(?)) and the comment I made to them most strongly was that they were going to hear loud and long about not having an untimed option. I also said the mini-games were too easy. Apparently both of these comments fell on deaf ears since here we are with a timed game that is possible to LOSE with easy mini-games. That being said, I did purchase this game from the developer (for 50% off, which made it nearly as cheap as BF) because I LOVE COR1 and I certainly liked this game enough to know I would want to replay it. I've only played through once so I'm not really sure how it compares to COR1 in difficulty. My impression is that it is easier to beat, as I don't remember a lot of levels that ended with me feeling like '"Whoa! Glad I got through that one!" If you can stand the timer, I would say go for it, the backgrounds ARE beautiful, the animations are fun, and the music is a pleasant, and lively, reworking of the original.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by ToonaCat on Dec 18, 10 3:48 PM
I beta'd this one too, and received it gratis for my comments. I gave the feedback about the game tiles having too much bouncing going on, and believe it or not, this version is less bouncy!

Just thought I'd mention, that I'm enjoying the extras - I'm using the desktop wallpapers and the sound track in Jig Art Quest as custom puzzles. Way fun, and thanks to the fishy who posted a thread on that use for CE art!

I also enjoyed viewing the developer's diary in the extras. You can tell they really loved working on the game. I play a few screens at a time, and then I'm not so

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by marloflip on Dec 18, 10 3:57 PM
Being a huge fan of the Cradle of Rome1, I was really dissapointed with this one.
It is far to easy and they have added silly little mini games.
The first one was really challenging, and I can happily play it over and over, but sadly, this one bored me. A no buy.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by LizzieK on Dec 18, 10 8:54 PM
Why would a game developer want to sell fewer games on purpose? It really is puzzling. Is it that difficult to make timed and untimed modes. I have seen other match-3 games have both.

One of my favorite match-3 games, Ancient Quest of Saqqarah, was originally released in timed mode only. Fortunately the game developer participated in the forums (at another site) and had a very good dialogue with the game players. After some discussion the game developer decided to add a relaxed mode and released an updated version. The sales of the game picked up dramatically after the new version was released.

It seems that the Match-3 games without a relaxed mode are stuck in the past and are not listening to what game player want. Cradle of Rome 2 is an excellent game but many people will not even demo it because of the timer. Even with success in the demo, many people fear they will buy a game that will progressively get more difficult and they will not be able to finish it. I have done that before and it is very disappointing.

Having said all that, I still purchased this game. I have wanted to take a break from the adventure HOGs for a bit and play a good match-3, so I went ahead and got this one. So far I like it better that the original Cradle of Rome. I am about 75% finished with the adventure game play and the timer has not been a problem so far. A couple of times I purchased more time to finish a level and I have not lost any lives yet. You get more lives as your score goes up and I now have 14 lives. (Wish it was that easy in real life.)

Of course everyone has different likes and skills when it comes to games. I am 63 years old and don’t have lightening fast reflexes and I have poor eyesight. Even if I am comfortable playing this game with the timer many others would not be.

It’s too bad the game developer decided to limit the game to a smaller audience. I guess they have their reasons. It would be interesting to know what they are.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by diamonddolls on Dec 18, 10 9:01 PM
I beta-tested this game also. My complaints when I beta-tested were the bounciness of the tiles and the smaller size compared to COR. I think they actually decreased the bounciness for the release (it didn't bother me as much, but still irritated me sometimes), but the tiles are still small.

There are a few things I like more about COR-2 than COR. First, it's very hard to lose a life because you can buy more time if you're running out. I only lost one life and that was because my only power-up was the timer and I needed something else to clear out a particularly tricky area, so I let it run out in order to get another power-up.

I also like the trophies and that there are clear instructions on how to get the citizens. I love those little bonuses and work to get them :-)

SilverMaple - to get the fisherman in COR, you need to get 3 match-5's in a row... I've never been able to do it.

Overall, I think the boards were easier than COR, but this still ranks as a very high quality, long Match-3 game with great replay value.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by sandhan on Dec 18, 10 11:20 PM
I, also, hate timers, (do the developers bother reading these posts?)
but love Cradle of Rome, (which I haven't managed to finish) so had to
have this one. It's gorgeous! I solve the frustration problem by playing
only for short periods, then moving to something more relaxing. I really
loved Settlement Collossus, which I played three times; World of
Zellians was lots of fun, too. Just downloaded COR II today, so am not
very far yet. My comiserations to you fishies who complain of games
that are too easy!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by Lesboop on Dec 19, 10 5:39 AM
Match 3 games and the HOG's are my preferred games. If memory serves me correctly, I did purchase the first Cradle of Rome and I don't think I managed to get through it without gasping for air as I lay dying time after time after time. As with most of the Match 3 games, the boards do get harder. I try to save my powers until I absolutely have to pull them out of my magical pouch. Unfortunately, as numerous others have stated before me, this is a timed only game. At my age, when time is running short, I almost feel like I need to jump up and go take a zanax to calm my heart a bit. I can just imagine me having a heart attack...death by a game. How would that read in an obit column, lol. Well, it would give my kids a story to tell.

Just out of curiosity, once a game like this is put out, is there a way that the developers can go back in and put out an upgrade/update version that adds the relaxed option? One would wonder if they read the reviews and pay any attention to the feed back and actually do something about implementing future games with both relaxed and timed modes.

Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to buy this game, I'm going to wait until it comes up on the DD offer. Geeze, now I have to practice my patience!

For you youngsters out there that have those strong hearts, have at it with this one. I'm sure it will get your adrenaline flowing just fine!


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by buyfish on Dec 19, 10 6:43 AM
nothing new in this part

I hate puzzles, it is so boring to solve them.
the 1st part was awesome but this one, ....

... thought it will be better.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cradle of Rome 2

[Post New]by pecabo1338 on Dec 19, 10 6:59 AM
To reply to Lesboop funny post, I am 65 and it was only the 1st round in this game that gave me chest pains. After it was done, I knew what to expect.

After 6 go-rounds I find this game a joy. How that game plays out depends mostly on what power-ups are given.

Being able to buy time is a huge plus. Like on level 100 it took 7 or 8 purchases to win the level, but I finished the game without losing any lives.

I've gotten all the awards 4 times so far.

I don't purchase upgrades toward the end of the game until I'll have enough resources to buy lives, if needed.

The 1st COR took me 3 years to complete and every time I played it my nerves took a beating.

I really do think you have more time for these levels in the 2nd game. Also the power-ups fill faster and they are more powerful than those in COR1.

This game is now my all time favorite Match 3.

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