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Re:Post any Roads of Rome II technical issues here only

[Post New]by MikeCod on Nov 24, 12 6:21 AM
I don't see any replies from BFG in this thread, so is there any point posting?

In Level 2.9 I can't build the quarry, so no stone to make the road. This is in the sea caves episode, with submarine, octopus etc. I got expert on all the previous Ep 1 and 2 levels, so I do know how to play.

When the quarry turns green [indicating it can be built], clicking on it results in nothing happening--exactly as if I hadn't clicked on it. However, if I run down the timber so I don't have enough, it turns blue on mouseover to show I don't have enough timber. Also, if I occupy all workers elsewhere when I have enough resources to build, clicking gets the message about no available worker.

I finished everything else out in the level [apart from whatever needed stone as a resource], paid off the barb, collected every scrap of seaweed and wood, the crystals and starfish, etc. But no secret activation handshake.

I build our PCs since the 90s, so it's fine. Latest Win7 Pro, standard nVidia graphics card, latest Adobe stuff and IE9. Anyway, it's not a game problem, it's a weird level bug. Unless I'm just missing something--I don't see anyone else posting about this level. I purchased 6 weeks ago, downloaded soon after.

If nobody has a solution, I don't suppose there's any cheat which allows skipping a level? The game is quite enjoyable, I would like to play the second half.


Re:Post any Roads of Rome II technical issues here only

[Post New]by gilpuz on Apr 21, 13 7:25 AM
gentlness wrote:Does anyone know why on level 11 there is not enough coins to get everything done you need to? I have gone through the whole level piece by piece and there are not enough ways to get coins for what is needed.


Re:Post any Roads of Rome II technical issues here only

[Post New]by debra52 on Jul 26, 13 7:24 PM
Wynterr wrote:I can not get my mouse to go any further than Marcus (I think that is his name) ear on the first start up screen page. It is like that through the whole game - Most levels it doesn't matter as your mouse doesn't need to be able to reach all the way to the left edge but for one of the levels (forget which now) I can't pick up the mined gold so can't continue the game. I find this extremely frustrating. I tried to play in small screen mode as well but that has other issues.

All 3 Roads of Rome games played well on my previous pc, but with my new pc I am having the same problems listed above. I've adjusted screen resolution every which way, changed the cursor, and find I have to switch from full screen mode through part of each level to be able to reach all my resources. Very frustrating because I would like to play these games again but it just isn't worth the multiple steps I have to go through to do it! In one mode I can't get all the way to the left and in the other mode anything I click on the bottom of the screen takes me out of the game.

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Re:Post any Roads of Rome II technical issues here only

[Post New]by targrinder on Nov 10, 13 2:04 AM
well after going through all the forums for all 3 roads of rome I finally found someone having the same problems with the cursor reaching the left side of the screen and the bottom left and it put me to an abrupt stop in Roads of Rome around level 23 and I cant reach the 4th crystal and I have to switch between full screen and small screen which by the way only changes the reach of the cursor and doesn't affect the size of the screen whatsoever so does anyone know of a fix for this ,im waiting for a response from technical support but it has to be the game as my pc is brand new and it doesn't do this to any of my other gamesjust these 3 games roads to rome 1,2,3 great games to play if I could just figure this out

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