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Re:Post any Cake Mania 3 technical issues here only

[Post New]by bookwriter on Jun 11, 14 8:26 AM
After posting the previous comment I did try as suggested by the others, to allow the screen to sit there and spin for a few minutes and see if the game loads. I am so happy to say it did. It took a minute or so but it did and I have been playing it. I am very happy. Even though this has helped, I still would like something to be considered, if it hasn't already, as to what is going to happen to these games as Windows evolves. I don't want to lose these wonderful games as there is absolutely nothing like them being developed now. Thanks to those who posted this big help for me. I'm going to bonk those cavemen in the head now!!!!


Re:Post any Cake Mania 3 technical issues here only

[Post New]by monkeyfries on Jun 27, 14 7:55 PM
I am having the same problem as Snappdrangon and this is really bad cause cake mania is in my top 2 favorite game series of all time and I love this game so plz I need a fix that will work cause
and also I would like to say all the other cake manias work perfectly for me exept 3 and 2 so plz find us all a fix plz

UPDATE: nvm it works fine just the loading of the game when I open it it takes about 5 minuets so nvm

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