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Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by Alrydian on Feb 9, 11 9:43 AM
It looked interesting at first until I realised it was one of those beat the clock game, much too fast for me, and after playing for 5 minutes it looked like there wasn't very much in the gameplay either. Sorry, but a definate no! no! for me.

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Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by laeddie on Feb 9, 11 9:57 AM
friberg: There are at least five of us that can't get this game to play. They will keep telling us it is OUR compuer/OUR fault until sooner or later BF will update the game's program.

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Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by wondercat on Feb 9, 11 1:40 PM
Swordblade wrote:It has a very interesting concept. I bought it.


1. Controls are too weak:
a. You can NOT perform multiple tasks in a chain. E.g. you might have 3 cars waiting to be diagnosed, but you have to select each time Angelo and send him to the next car > loss of time.
Plus, if all the workers are in the same area, clicking on them might be tricky. You want to select Angelo for example, and the car is highlighted because all stand around the car.
b. Clicking is tricky even if there is only one worker around the car. You might have to click twice > loss of time.

3. You should be able to choose where to send each car for repair, after diagnostic. But no choice there.
So there is no point for the hint provided by the game to plan your workers. No plan can be made, because selection of position is made BEFORE diagnostics. What is the point of that hint???

Definitely agree with these criticisms although I still like the game.

My issue is that I can't seem to select all of the employees. I only have 2 groups available to me and the other employees don't show or scroll.

Anyone else have this issue and/or know how to correct?

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Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by Lisa522 on Feb 9, 11 8:30 PM
To the poster above, the scrolling is not automatic at edge of screen. I believe I had to hold down one of the mouse buttons and pull the screen one direction or another.

I really enjoyed this game - unique theme, great storyline, presentation through graphics and cutscenes were very well done. Even the voiceovers were good. The game itself is fun, but I am not going to purchase for one reason - the controls are somewhat troublesome. I know in higher levels they will be very annoying.

Couple of things I didn't care for in the game:
1. That Angelo has to collect the money for each car; this is a pain in the ****.
2. It's difficult to grab the employees sometimes when there are a few in a row.
3. I don't like that Angelo will start working on a car automatically when you've moved him there only to collect pay (if there is still work to be done but you haven't moved the other mechanic over yet).
4. Hard to really plan out a strategy when you don't know what servicing the car needs until AFTER it's already too late. I'd rather manage the cars in the bays, not the mechanics.

What I did like:
1. Superb storyline and execution
2. Somewhat original theme and has enough depth to really be a great game with the few things above worked out.
3. Liked the choices for staff and the many types of repairs. I just wish you could do more to manage them and/or that some of them were earned rather than just handed to you during the game.

All in all, I would give this game a 4, which is probably a little generous but still a great attempt. Hoping for Garage, Inc. part 2 with a few kinks worked out.

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Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by ember89 on Feb 10, 11 4:50 PM
i'm going to pass on this one... mostly because of con's that have been brought up already... i guess i'm used to setting up chains of actions and just felt held back... i also didn't understand why the workers had to moved back and forth between the two service bays...

one thing i tried was sending all the fast cars through one and the slow cars through the other... i could get two done in the time it took to fix one of the other... what backfired on me, though, was when the car pulled up and i hadn't moved angelo yet, because then he would start fixing the car ugh

the music was period as well as the graphics, the movie shorts were well-rendered... and the gameplay is intriguing if a little sluggish...

a good effort and a game you should try before discounting...

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Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by lovemybook on Feb 11, 11 6:31 AM
I have played practically every TM out there - hundreds of them. I downloaded and bought this game because of the graphics and sound, and because I like time management. This was a nice, different story. I am ultimately disappointed.

1) The story is a real downer. I expect people in Time Management to win through, not to be ground down by corruption and death.

2) The people who constructed this really don't understand TM games. For instance, you shouldn't have to click angelo every single time you send him somewhere. If you've clicked him once, that selection should remain active. That's part of the "flow" of a good TM. In fact, it was way too clicky in general, like a kid's arcade game. The fan base of TM, I'm sure, is not the arcade crowd.

3) Clumsy clicking in general. When you try repeatedly to click on something, but the game doesn't pick it up. The car in the lower righthand corner, for instance.

4) Missed opportunities to vary gameplay. For instance, you should have been able to buy things to upgrade the garage. All you are able to do is buy different workers. A good TM has more than one "change-up". With expert levels.

5) A good TM also gives you opportunities to strategize. IMHO, this is at the heart of a good TM. You are able to plan out gameplay and get rewarded for doing so. In this, you can't choose to send your cars to a better line, for instance. It's simply luck whether or not your workers are in the right place.

In essence, I felt fooled by this TM. I thought it was a better quality game than it was, simply because of the graphics and what started out an interesting storyline. Unfortunately, I realized about halfway through the the game was just a missed opportunity. I would not have bought it, looking back.

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Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by Lord_Lollipop on Feb 11, 11 10:14 PM
Could be a good game if it didn't require such precise clicking.


Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by growler72 on Feb 14, 11 1:04 PM
I purchased the game and was getting well into until the valentine's day massacre and you walk in on the mob and witness it.You then have to build a bomb for them and your cousin comes back,messes with the bomb and BOOOOM the lot goes up and that's it game over.The game is too short and lacks depth.Try the download but that is as far as I would go.

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Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by vezzettj on Feb 15, 11 8:32 PM
I agree with most of the other posters: interesting story, interesting concept, liked the art, but the implementation just wasn't there.

I hated when Angelo started working on a car when I wanted him to be doing diagnostics but he had just collected money and I moved the car forward too soon. I hated when I tried to select a mechanic to move them and got the wrong one, or the car, or Angelo, or anything else besides which I was clicking on. I hated that a mechanic would just stand there if a car they could work on was behind them but you hadn't moved them... why couldn't they just turn around? why did they have to walk in circles around the car? And the whole "I can't see my mechanic, she is supposed to be there" before I randomly chose to try to drag the screen across was just a minor annoyance.

Now, I did like that you could choose to have Angelo help out on a car but for him to just automatically start working on it got old fast, especially since he is the slowest mechanic of them all.

Anyway, I did like the story and I do hope the developers can fix some of these problems if they try another TM game... I wish it had worked (really, you can't queue ANY actions at all?).

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Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by SpookyPigdog on Mar 5, 11 12:31 AM
I bought this one because I really did enjoy repairing the cars and the storyline and the whole "gangster" feel to it. But it was quite depressing; every time it looked like I'd be paying off the debit someone happened and I owed more money. And the game ends kind of suddenly, before I got out of debt.

I agree with some of the other comments. A bit more triumph against the baddies and ability to spend hard earned cash on cool upgrades would have been nice. Some zones in the garage were tricky to click on too - particularly in later levels where everyone is on the ground. Having only the H part clickable was annoying at times - rather than the whole bay space.

But hey - it kept me entertained for a bit and kept me off the streets.

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Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by ButMadNNW on Mar 12, 11 12:46 AM
I don't think I have anything to add to the criticisms above - the clicking is driving me CRAZY. Chaining would have been awesome. Select Angelo - diagnose cars A & B, get payment from C & D; select engine specialist - go work on car E, then F; etc. And Angelo can't hire ONE person he'd trust to diagnose or pick up payments? REALLY? I also think that if Angelo starts working on a car before, say, the electrician gets to the bay, then the clearly more qualified worker should pick up from the boss and let him get on with his other duties.

And to the comments that we should be able to use the money to upgrade the garage, I'd have to add: or pay the debt off faster! Angelo's account keeps going up (I've only had one day so far end in the red rather than a profit), and the money goes nowhere. If I'd been designing this game, I would've added an option to ask, "Okay, you made this much profit today. Would you like to a) hire this mechanic, b) add this feature to the shop, or c) pay off $xx more of your debt?" Or something like that! In other words: give us something to MANAGE.

I'm going to keep playing because I do love the look, atmosphere, and minigames; and I want to see where the story goes (even though SOME people have posted spoilers here without so much as a warning! ), but the clicking, oh the clicking, the CLICKING!!

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Re:Your Comments And Reviews For Garage Inc.

[Post New]by sdurrie on Apr 2, 11 1:12 PM
I like this game! The music, the concept, the graphics and the story line is interesting.

But . . . too much clicking. I would have loved to be able to drag each employee and car to the correct spot. I don't have arthritis, I'm in my twenties, and I feel my knuckles and finger joints are sore after playing the game for an hour.

Unless there is an update to include click-and-drag of the objects, I will not buy this game.

It's interesting how the click-and-drag feature only occurs when selecting employees. And there were no hints as to this and it took me a while to figure it out.

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