Length of game.


Re:Length of game.

[Post New]by kmap1105 on Mar 3, 11 9:01 PM
Does anyone else feel like they bought half a game? To be continued WTF!!!!!


Re:Length of game.

[Post New]by shellincal on Mar 3, 11 11:35 PM
There should be a disclaimer when you purchase this game that you don't get to play at your leisure. Who knows how or when the new episodes will be dictated, but one thing I can say is that if I BUY something from a website that habitually sells me a game that allows me to play start to finish, I'm seriously not happy when I find out on EPISODE 4 that I cannot finish my game until they provide the means. Not cool. I canceled cable TV because of this. My life is not dictated by anyone else's schedule but mine and if I god damn PAY for something, it better be a complete package that I can play, watch or access when I have time. If its free, fine, otherwise Eff u. And what do you want to bet the next episodes will be chargeable. This game was fun, but not that fun.

Seriously, world, would you buy a Snickers bar if they told you you had to wait 6 months to eat it?????????????????? I am canceling my BIg Fish membership.

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