Re:Why are most HOG games horror related?

[Post New]by jdvorak007 on Sep 5, 11 9:45 PM
You are right there are too many horror/suspense/mystery HOG's out there. They do sell and that is why they are produced. I love them the most. I love Dire Grove, 13th Skull, Phantasmat, and Asylum Conspiracy the most. The problem with it isn't that there are a lot of horror games the problem is there are a lot of crappy horror games. I have bought a lot of other HOG's in this theme/genre that were so bad I uninstalled before even playing them. I love the one's with full motion video, or at least voice acting in the game with lots of cutscenes. I see where some of you would be offended by these type of "CULT" games. I came from rated M for Mature games like Phantasmagoria, Gabriel Knight, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil. These Horror HOG's are much better. Don't get me wrong I love adventure and survival horror games but I like the HOG's with suspense and mystery a whole lot more. But saying there aren't a log of Hidden Object Games that aren't horror themed is just plain wrong. Yea the ratio is probably 1 out 10 but there are a lot of Pirate, Western, Romance, and others out there to keep you busy for quite a while!


Re:Why are most HOG games horror related?

[Post New]by spiritlaughing on Sep 11, 11 5:43 AM
I don't think they are so much horror as it is a game of good versus evil which is what life consists of anyway, whether you want to admit that or not. I thoroughly enjoy these sort of games and love that evil is thwarted every time. I find the other genres to be of no challenge at all, but that's just me. Also I think the art, graphics, and game play is a real treat!

I hope the developers keep them coming!

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Re:Why are most HOG games horror related?

[Post New]by FORTUNATUS on Nov 25, 11 8:30 PM
Good versus evil and spooky is one thing.... the theme we are seeing more and more is hard core occult and I mean evil connotations, human degradation, gore, nasty, mean and distasteful garbage.

I'm all for a good scary game on occasion, but the addition of occult symbolism and requiring the game player to participate in same is just plain not okay to many.

We have gotten to the point in our societies where we have to wish each other a Merry "holiday", yet it's OK!!? to display and flaunt the opposite... pentagrams, tarot cards, demons, etc etc... Hello??? This is flagrant hypocrisy !!??

Anyhoo, I've been playing games a long time, since they were TEXT-only games and the imagination goes a long way toward interpretation and appreciation of what makes a person shudder but the overt grossness in current games is just not fun especially when in overdose as it is now and let's face it, it can't be doing much good for we humans regardless of our morals.... (or call it karma, or whatever you like) just not good in the scheme of things.

Yep, overwhelmingly games are getting just plain evil and that can not be good for the human race in general.... the same talents could go into creating some fun, positive, challenging, wonderful games and I'm sure there IS a huge market for that, too. I would surely HOPE so.


Re:Why are most HOG games horror related?

[Post New]by kinga76 on Oct 20, 12 9:11 PM
Carole22759 wrote:My 2-Cents -
I love the horror, mystery, etc H0GS, but ya know, I completely LOVED the game: THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT - which was a love story (albeit gone bad).
For those that don't like the predominantly horror/cult, etc, themes at all, well... sorry folks, I think you're the minority with this complaint, and I don't see the developers spinning around in their chairs to accommodate such a small percentage of the gaming market. Personally, I would really enjoy more by the developers such as this one, of tales containing a Love Story theme, but will welcome all the horror themes as well.
But who knows, the way the world is going, the minority seem to have a strangle-hold upon the majority; in order to provide for their wants and desires - write a letter to your Congressman ...maybe you'll have your day here in the gaming world too.

I totally disagree. Every time a HOG game pops up that is not horror related (and this doesn't happen all that often) almost all of the comments are from users saying how much they enjoy the fact that it's NOT full of beheaded zombies and how much they wish more games with lighter themes were developed. Surely if they were a minority the majority of comments would state the opposite. There are clearly a large percentage of people who do NOT enjoy darker themes - why not cater to them as well? It doesn't have to be either one or the other, I'm not saying get rid of dark themes, but why not provide a variety to suit different tastes? That way both the majority and the minorities can stop whingeing.

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