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[Post New]by love_rhen on Apr 30, 11 7:32 PM
I loved this game, the story, the graphics and animated battle scenes....but it's 9.99us for less than 5 hours of gameplay!! Not cool


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[Post New]by Jennyk412 on May 12, 11 8:37 PM
ahh im sorry i kepp on posting things....but im GOING CRAZY beacause i've been dying to know when episode two is coming out!!!!
[b] p.s please write back!!!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Alpha Kimori

[Post New]by AlphaKimori on May 14, 11 3:11 AM
Thank you very much for the great testimonials, everyone! ^_^ love_rhen, it is actually very difficult to make RPGs because of the large amount of content, animation and story so please forgive us for the high price. Unlike other casual games, RPGs are very niched so we rely on a smaller group of buyers compared to bulk buying by the masses.

Jennyk412, I actually posted after seeing your request to write back! ^_^ If you really want to know when Episode Two is coming out, please Google or search on Facebook for our official page and interview (sorry, developers are not allowed to post links here). Thank you so much for loving Alpha Kimori! Please don't be heart broken. We are working hard on Episode Two although it is an uphill battle as independent developers! ^_^;;; We really appreciate the support and inspiration! Thank you so very much!!! ^_^v


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[Post New]by precious1_ on May 14, 11 8:50 PM
This is a great game. It is unique.


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[Post New]by ProudGamer on May 28, 11 11:23 AM
This game is fantastic, the sprites are lovely and the story is lovingly crafted. Well done! I am looking forward to the next episode.


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[Post New]by rayvic1 on May 29, 11 2:47 AM
Lavenderstrawbry wrote:I was very happily surprised to see a new RPG on bigfish!

So that you know, I personally vehemently believe Bigfish should make a RPG section of games which specifically excludes any games that are not a 2D RPG or could be classified as a hidden object game. Those of you who love RPG's will know exactly what I am talking about, it's really annoying to look for a good RPG game and find all HOG clogging up all the top listings because they for some odd reason are also classified as adventure games.

These 2D style RPG games are truly my favorite. So to restate with less of a rant, I really wish there could be a 2D RPG only section on Bigfish to house awesome games like this, and others like the Aveyond series.

That being said, this was sort of an insta-buy for me. Of course I always play the first hour to make sure there are no clunky game mechanisms that will annoy me, the story seems interesting and draws me in, cute and/or cool graphics are incorporated, and thankfully this game passed with flying colors.

Also, importantly, for you hardcore 2D RPGers out there, this game works just fine with my USB controller.

I want to specifically comment on the music next; since, it seems another reviewer disliked it. I love anime and this genre of games, and so far I really feel like the music is very well done and executed for this format both in and of itself. The only thing I would change would be to add specific volume controls to the music and fighting sounds as I have seen in other games of this style. My only reasoning for that is sometimes I like to watch a move while I play the game but still hear the slashing sounds; maybe that's odd, but it's honest.

I'd also like to comment on the graphics, which I feel are very well done to the themes and the storyline. This looks like a lot of specialization in the artwork for both the graphics and animation, and it works. I think "it" had me when I walked through the little doors, reminiscent of those on a spaceship.

As for my involvement in the storyline, I have personally been avoiding killing the little animals that seemed to be minding their own business. I kill them as need be, although I do find myself strangely drawn to killing the little pink rabid bunnies, but I'm working on that.

I plan to add additional thoughts when I finish this episode of the game. In the mean time this was definitely a buy for me, and hopefully for you as well.


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[Post New]by rayvic1 on May 29, 11 2:50 AM
There is an RPG section on Big Fish. However, only way I can get to it is to log onto ' and scroll down and there is a banner announcing the RPG section on Big Fish. Click on that banner and it takes you straight to it.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Alpha Kimori

[Post New]by Damiana2 on Aug 1, 11 10:47 AM
The RPG section, like the quest and sim sections are not highlighted.
However the RPG is:

You can find all of the more "niche" categories by going to scroll to the bottom to the section "other game categories"

I too get frustrated wanting to find adventure type games that are not HOGs. These categories do help.

ps. am I missing something, I don't see any ability to include links on the boards?

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[Post New]by Happygurl19 on Sep 11, 11 2:00 AM
I really like Alpha Kimori is such as good RPG game whit good animation. The batte is good herself. The grapic and bagroung is good. I never played so good RPG game befor. Alpha Kimori is better than Aveyond seriene and other RPG games i have played so far. And 2D RPG's games is good because of animation and grapic. Well that are i not aneting to say that is exlent RPG game. Do a good work whit future RPG games and i hope i for play nest episode of Alpha Kimori. From Happygurl19


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[Post New]by preciousMia on Nov 9, 11 8:40 PM
Alpha Kimori is without a doubt one of the top games in my book. It takes a lot to catch my eyes as I am very selective about games that interest me. This game does it.

I was addicted from the moment I started the trial and will stay addicted to this game. I hope this game will continue on. It's a game children and adults of all ages can play and have a blast with, The graphics are wonderful for this game and It is an easy game to learn. Once you start, you will not be able to stop.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Alpha Kimori

[Post New]by MistieAnn on Dec 22, 11 4:21 PM
I have lost track of how many times I've replayed this game at this point! Being an RPG fan as well as an anime fan, this game had me hooked from the instant the opening music started playing!!! One good way to sort of make it longer is to really level up Rick and Vanessa. It allows you to also get tons of money to buy Elvar's double blade sword and the better weapon...can't recall the name...for, as Vanessa called her, the winged devil. lol Jealous much, Van? rofl If I were to complain about anything, it would be how late in the game better weapons are offered for Rick and Van. (Okay, I'd love for Rick to actually kick the jerk's behind, but that's just because I have a serious issue with bullies! hehehe)
I must agree about Big Fish's lack of a specific catagory for RPGs. I'm so fed up with hidden object games being called "adventure" games. They are hidden object so call them what they are! It seems that game designers think we all want to play nothing but **** games....and they'd be WRONG! I occasionally play one due to having unlimited on another site, but there is no replayability to them for me since I automatically seem to memorize where everything is. I've really tried to replay them, yet it feels like I'm just going on autopilot since I know where most everything is. Not much entertainment there.
Dying for part two to come out! If it's half as good as part one, it will be AMAZING!!! I have so much admiration for Indy have no idea how badly I'd love to be among your numbers. Been hooked on computer games for 20 years now as well as being an on again off again writer. I've had a game building in the back of what passes for my brain for a while now. If only I had the money! (Rushing off to buy a lottery ticket now! lol)

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Alpha Kimori

[Post New]by OZBUTCH on Jan 31, 12 11:06 AM
mind numbingly boring. Too much dialogue, walking back to the same areas and no challenge at all Horrible


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[Post New]by cmbmom on Mar 1, 12 4:15 PM
This is one game that is worth its money. While playing the demo, when the theme started playing (with Miku Hatsune) I instantly knew that I just had to have this game. I have beaten it several times since then and have even started a walkthrough of it on youtube. To sum it up, the music, the storyline, and the action all come together to create one heck of a masterpiece! (P.S. If you would like to check out my walkhthrough, type rockleerules2210 or senkaimaru into youtube :3)

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[Post New]by gina33 on Aug 18, 12 1:56 AM
Truly, Truly amazing game!! When will BFG bring in the second episode? I can't wait to buy it!
And I agree with some fellow RPG fans here. BFG should have a separate section of games just for RPG games rather than have it all together with the HOG.

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