SPOILER Warning for Animal Activists

[Post New]by santiquebabe on Apr 28, 11 2:36 PM
Boomer47 wrote:
This is a definite spoiler but I notice many object to animals in games being mistreated. The following could be viewed as such.

In this game (highlight to read):

You will be asked to set a rat on fire to get him to move out of the way so you can enter a room.


I'm a huge animal luv'r, I have animals now and they are treated the best way but I don't consider some things animals.
Rats, IMO are not animals, they are rodents and they are a threat to our health and I don't care how you get rid of them.

P.S. I also like fur coats and will wear one if I have a nice one in good condition or can afford a new one and if anyone throws paint on it, I will hunt them down and damage their garments!
The same ppl that whine about this animal abuse, also wear leather shoes and apparel and eat meat & other animal products and feed animals other animals.
Well, I think we should use the resources we have and if it is food or if an animal pelt keeps us warm or protects our feet, then so be it.
Thank You

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Re:SPOILER Warning for Animal Activists

[Post New]by Althena533 on Jan 11, 12 6:57 AM
darkdisciple1313 wrote:Considering that rats were responsible for millions of deaths (thanks to infected fleas that carried the disease) from various plagues throughout the centuries, I fail to see why even animal activists would object to getting rid of the vile creatures by any means necessary. They're rats, for pete's sake. Had they been feral bunnies, or cats, or alpacas, then I could see the point. But rats? Nasty, nasty things. Much as I love animals, even I can't muster up enough compassion for things that have been responsible for so much death and disease. Sermonette over.

I agree with you whole heartedly! ;v) I remember when we first moved to where we're living now our big, beuatiful, six car garage was teaming with mice! My parents couldn't figure what to do about them. Well it came to 6 o'clock in the evening and it was time for our cat's dinner. I just shut her up in the garage over night seeing how it was the middle of summer! ;v) Then Daddy just ran around with the shop vac and sucked up all the little inedible fur balls she'd left behind! ;v)

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Re:SPOILER Warning for Animal Activists

[Post New]by GR8_SCOT on Jun 22, 12 10:32 AM
RenaissanceMom wrote:Thanks for the heads-up - I appreciate it.
It's disgusting and I wouldn't take the game even if they paid me.

O.K. folks ... enough bickering! I have a suggestion. Why not take the money you are saving by not buying the game and donate it to your favourite Animal Rescue group ... that is what real animal lovers do!

before i get toasted - I do not approve of cruelty to animals in any form but have managed to find a way during my many years to seperate fantasy from reality.

Enjoy the game kids: I'm going to do just that - once I get past the bit that has me stuck!

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