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[Post New]by _coral_ on May 20, 11 4:15 AM
Slowpokie, I just finished going over the river (slider puzzle). How much more do I have left? I'm really enjoying the game and wonder how long it is. Thanks to anyone that can help me!

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[Post New]by pixielily on May 25, 11 4:13 AM
I have to say this a good game, depending on length of course. However, I learned a lesson here never, never let others sway me on trying a game my self, this does not mean you are wrong just be aware you are.

I decided to try the game and I found I really was caught up in the game and the story line.

This game does not hold your hand in all areas, but will help you if you need.
It does have little stuff, BUT there is a magnifier and you can move the scene around.

In my opinion the devs have listened to us and are trying new ways to improve and make the game interesting! Kudos to Them

Try this game yourself try the buttons to see what they do you will be surprised!

I give this game a 4 out of 5
If the game is long enough I will be buying this one.

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[Post New]by Jurinne on Oct 14, 14 7:23 PM
Well, here it is in 2014 (I feel like a time traveler) and the negative reviews are still there and evidently all of us only have half a brain.

I love this game!!

I doubt anyone will see this but I had to add my little voice to the rest.

It's a lizard, not a turtle. How could anyone mistake a lizard for a turtle?

BF, please don't forget those of us who love these games. Another HdO game was offered as a new release the other day and I like that one, too. This one is better simply because it's about Alice.

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