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[Post New]by Quest32 on May 15, 13 5:33 PM
My problem is that the drawer will not go back in the Cupid Suite. I tried putting back, I clicked hint to make sure that where it goes and sure enough that is where. I have tried putting every little slant, close, near, little farther, up down, left, right, nothing works it will not go there. So of course there goes the game. Been getting a lot like this lately which is very disappointing from a game store that has provided high quality in the past. I have been ill and been picking out a few light games to play as I recop and they all seem to have little hicups in them. I am so disappointed. I enjoyed this game, is there a resolution or do I have to throw this one away also; and yes I am going to start asking for my money back. Thank you that will be five games. Sorry

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