No, Magic Vines doesn't work!

[Post New]by ann_dragerton on Dec 27, 13 1:01 AM
Now my Magic Vines starts each time at the Congo!!... if I keep going, it works fine.... but don't quit! It always goes back to the Congo!! Any assistance would be welcome![/quote wrote: and it won't let me out of free time mode or let me change players


Please help - if you can

[Post New]by mountainmaid on Jan 26, 14 8:04 AM
Zimberg wrote:Hi there, I have been trying to get through level 1-5 and this error message keeps appearing.

Director Player error
String expected
List expected for Handler
# count

It does not save the game as stated,

many thanks
Claudia, Johannesburg, South Africa


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[Post New]by rajanswain on Feb 13, 14 11:20 PM
After many unsuccessful attempts, I finally succeeded in running the game as I used to with Win XP.

- Navigate to the file Magic Vines.exe in the installed folder. (Has the icon.)

- Right-click

- Go to the compatibility tab and check Windows XP SP3 mode

- At the bottom of the same tab, under 'Privilege level', check 'Run this program as administrator'.

- Try the game now.

In case your antivirus program treats the game as a Trojan, make an exception and allow it to run.

Have fun.


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[Post New]by hillbilly1952 on Jul 17, 14 11:02 AM
I tried doing everything that rajanswain said and it moved past the first level to Congo then did the same error this game is a P.O.S. back to the drawing board on this game big fish..


Re:Welcome to Magic Vines forum

[Post New]by pugs1319 on Sep 9, 14 7:55 AM
Hi, i am having the same problems, im running vista on one device and xp on the other. Still having the problems on both so its not a vista compatibility problem. Also i had this game years ago and never had any problem with it at all. Does anybody have any solutions as it sounds like BF don't want to sort this problem???

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