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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Puppy Sanctuary

[Post New]by Stevihj on Jun 20, 11 7:55 PM
Too cute. Wonderful grapihcs. I truly enjoyed making a haven for the adorable dogs. The M3 maps were fun and there were a few HOG and shot to M3. Interesting variation. The puppies rule!

This game is an A.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Puppy Sanctuary

[Post New]by ember89 on Jun 29, 11 7:30 PM
well, i originally tried this one out to see if my niece might like it, but then i got hooked on those absolutely adorable little puppies playing in the sanctuary!

this is from the same folks who brought us mia's mysterious memory machine and has much the same look even if it is a totally different style... mia's was a hidden object style game, but this one is predominantly match-3 with some fun mini-games and puppy activities thrown in...

each level has it's own puppy to free and the boards change up quite a bit in shape, difficulty, etc... then there are the "presents" levels where you can earn special items for your puppies... and then there's the shop where you can buy decorative items for the sanctuary and toys to entertain your pups - blowing bubbles is very fun!

so where i thought that my niece might like it and so decided to try... i was completely mistaken - it's a game that i, too, could and did fall in love with!

get those puppy-napping aliens!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Puppy Sanctuary

[Post New]by Liasmani on Jul 13, 11 7:36 AM
Graphics – 3 stars
Story – 2.5 stars
Music/Sounds – 3 stars
Gameplay – 3 stars
Overall – 2.875 stars

My ratings of games can be high as 5 and can be low as 1.

Ratings Explained:

1 star: Poor
2 stars: Okay
3 stars: Good
4 stars: Great
5 stars: Excellent

I won’t be purchasing this game at all. For those who did – Happy Gaming!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Puppy Sanctuary

[Post New]by Nethelem on Jul 19, 11 1:30 AM
Graphics - 5
very shiny graphics! as mentioned above - a lack of contrast, but not so important for me.
Storyline - 4
Nothing realy new, but i like aliens in this game=)
Music/Sounds - 4
Cute relaxing music, didn't annoyed me at all.
Gameplay – 5
I didn't play Kitten Sanctuary and found lots of new in this game.
Overall – 5-

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Puppy Sanctuary

[Post New]by Jurinne on Oct 10, 14 2:21 PM
I haven't finished the demo yet but I would still like to post my review.

This is silly and sweet and cute and sometimes hokey and all the things I don't look for in a HOG or HOPA. But this is M3. I have had so much fun playing this game!

It's not as easy as it looks. I have failed a level two times in a row and I still have not managed to pass it. I'm not a great M3 player but I know a little bit about strategy - evidently I don't know enough. And that's OK.

I really like the little games in-between the M3 games. I like the storyline. Who wouldn't like rescuing sweet little puppies from evil aliens? Bad aliens! Leave those adorable puppies alone!! Shame on you all!! Grrr...

Game play is pretty smooth - it could be better but that is a small complaint.
Hints are unobtrusive - they are not pushed on me; when they are I get annoyed and hints showing up when I'm trying to concentrate and haven't made a move for two seconds is often my greatest gripe with some M3 games. Please don't give me a hint unless I ask for it!! No complaint with this game. The hints are given but they are not "in my face".

I love being able to move tiles diagonally. I've never seen that before so I'm not used to it and I need to learn to look for opportunities to do it.

And I have to admit that I love playing with the puppies and buying them toys and things. I haven't renamed any of them yet but I will. And I will change the sanctuaries and do all that stuff.

I even like the music - it reminds me of "Old Mother Leary left the lantern in the shed" - whatever that song is called.

I put the game at the bottom of my "to buy" list.

And then my border collie Keenah made me buy it now, right now. She likes to hear the barks and yips. I just can't tell her "no" so I purchased the game. I wonder if she would like to play with bubbles. I happen to have a wand for soap bubbles somewhere so I'll find out.

So Keenah and I will be rescuing these sweet puppies from those nasty aliens and having a lot of fun doing it.

I highly recommend this game!!

Thank you BF for offering this game!! I haven't tried Kitten Sanctuary but I have five cats so I have the feeling that I will be purchasing that game, too.

Happy rescuing, happy gaming, and Happy Halloween!!

Edit: Adding a P.S.: "Woof!" That's from Keenah, along with a paws-up.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Puppy Sanctuary

[Post New]by notdeadyet on Feb 2, 15 8:36 AM
This game is probably meant for children but I like it.(I am 67.) The graphics are good. Who can resist puppies? The music is a bit repetitive but I turned it down. There isn't a lot of strategy but The game is relaxing.Building the sanctuary is pleasant as well.There is a relaxed mode for people with arthritis in their hands.

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