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Re:Reviews for Herofy

[Post New]by chelogirl on Jul 8, 11 5:00 AM
i will try this one, first time to try M3.

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Re:Reviews for Herofy

[Post New]by Liasmani on Jul 13, 11 3:32 AM
Graphics – 2 stars
Story – 2 stars
Music/Sounds – 3 stars
Gameplay – 3 stars
Overall – 2.5 stars

My ratings of games can be high as 5 and can be low as 1.

Ratings Explained:

1 star: Poor
2 stars: Okay
3 stars: Good
4 stars: Great
5 stars: Excellent

I won’t be purchasing this game at all. For those who did – Happy Gaming!

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Re:Reviews for Herofy

[Post New]by TeachumWell on Jul 13, 11 4:39 PM
Hi!n Altho I like M3's I thought this'd be dull like many now out, but I was happily surprised...It gets more challenging and interesting as levels progress. I planned on trying just 10, but found I hadn't stopped thru level 25! Good graphics, pleasant sound and each level a bit more challenging than the last. What more could a M3 fan want? An RPG, well, no, but still more than an ordinary M3. So try it and go beyond the early levels to see the hidden pleasures of this gem of a game. Enjoy!

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Re:Reviews for Herofy

[Post New]by Nethelem on Jul 17, 11 3:09 AM
Nice to see devs read this topic
What can i say about the game. Gameplay was slightly repetitive, but i liked how you tried to add some rpg element to the game(not so much, but at least something). I found music boring after level 20 or so. Graphics - not exelent=) I give this game 3/5.

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Re:Reviews for Herofy

[Post New]by Floraws on Jan 14, 12 11:09 PM
Simply spectacular game. Yeah, it may be somewhat easy for the experienced players... but to me it was a wonderful surprise. I love it, the graphic is nice, the story is enticing, and the untimed mode made my day. Bonuses ok, and the way you have to kill the monsters is nice. Congratulations to the developers.

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