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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by GothicJawa on Jul 7, 11 5:24 AM
I haven't really played any other life simulation games from this site (other than the trial of Virtual Families which was terrible), so I can't compare this game to any others.

However playing it, I thought this game was a more detailed remake of the game 'Jones in the Fast Lane' from the 90's. I love Jones, so I gave this game a shot.

I didn't think it was too bad overall for a basic simulation game. Only having the one hour trial, I didn't get too far. Especially since I had to pause to come here and find out how to buy the sofa because it's a game glitch. The most annoying parts is how little time you get each day to do things, and of course how long it takes from when you go to sleep to when you wake up. It was far too long and very frustrating. I don't usually like the tutorials because I can usually figure things out on my own but this game certainly needed more tutorial in it.

It's an alright game, but if I were to buy it I'd wait until it is put on sale.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by mrsbigbig on Jul 7, 11 7:53 AM
I got through the trial version just fine and was really enjoying I bought it Biggest mistake of my life so far. The game is full of glitches, misleading goals, things aren't in the right place ie. the sofa is in the footstool tab for 1 goal.
Alawar is usually a good developer but all I can say is Wow! What a mess of a game! It needs to go back to drawing board and started all over again. Such a disappointment because I really do enjoy this kind of game and I'm so sorry I wasted good money on it and now I'm stuck with it.

Would I buy this game again? Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, I'm going off to see about getting my money back so I can maybe get something better.

Have a lovely day!


Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by kinkymunkey80 on Jul 7, 11 12:17 PM
Plays exactly the same as the other games of this style. The graphics are a bit different as far as the clothing etc, but underneath it is the same game.

I spent half of the demo trying to find the "sofa". one of the challenges are for you to buy a sofa. When you go to the furniture store and look under the section labeled "sofa" it tells you that you have to have a bigger place. At that point in the game there IS no bigger place. The sofas are actually under the footstools, not the one called sofas. Very misleading. If there is a confusion that hangs you up like that in the short demo, I don't even want to buy the game.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by emerance on Jul 7, 11 5:15 PM
You are better off with My Life or LifeQuest. This is a very buggy game. Graphics are not strong (many times they won't draw). Issues in most levels, including putting a goal for buying a sofa, then putting a limit on the "sofa" category so you can't, then you find out that the sofas are in the "footstools" category so you actually can buy one. Then there's freezing at the fitness center intermittently when you try to purchase a new class (you have to ctl+alt+del and use task manager to get out).

My Life and Life Quest are far superior in that they are free from bugs and the graphs are much better.

However, I would say that one thing in this game's favour is that it has multiple goals and you can pursue them in parallel, making it more interesting. I only wish they had bothered to do good QA on this game. A shame.


Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by Thais32 on Jul 7, 11 6:13 PM
I'm agreeing with the other people who posted here - this game is way too glitchy to enjoy. It freezes and lags. A lot of the requirements are hard to figure out (like the "buy a boat" thing, or the "buy a sofa" -which is actually a footstool- thing). The game designers really made themselves look like a bunch of amateurs sending something this problematic out. I'm all for more games like Life Quest, but this was just sad. Not worth the hard drive space, in my opinion.

Edited to add: I actually made an account here just to comment on this game - that's how disappointed I was in it.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by Jesethea on Jul 7, 11 6:26 PM
I'm sorry to say -- this game is TERRIBLE.

I liked this game's predecessors, but this one should not have been released.

It had some glaring errors that, had it been through one major QA pass would have been caught. I'd use examples, but others have done so already.

The sloppiness of this game makes it a big loser.

Review: 1 of 10 -- throw it back.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by Co1ico1e on Jul 7, 11 9:16 PM
Fun game, but waaaayyyy too glitchy. Usually had to figure things out through trial and error because goal explanations were either wrong or didn't provide enough information. The award function does not work properly either (I got the award for getting 20 of the awards, but I did not get the award for getting 10???) Anyways, more research needs to be done on these games before sending them to the market. I've been a BFG customers for almost 6 years, but I've played more games with serious issues in the last few months than I had in the other 5+ years. Did the game testers get fired or something???


Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by sd2344 on Jul 8, 11 12:05 PM
If you liked Life Quest I wouldn't recommend this game. The directions within each level are often incorrect, such as the level stating you need to write a doctoral dissertation but in reality you have to do the Masters thesis.. There are other examples as well.

This game to me is very poorly constructed and I'm sorry I bought it. It just doesn't live up to the genre.

This game rates a total thumbs down for me.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by kitty1 on Jul 8, 11 1:46 PM
I just want to thank jkuci for directing me to Magic Life which for some reason I never demo'd. I'm buying it with my coupon from last month. If you haven't tried it--I highly recommend it over this game.


Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by shellymark on Jul 8, 11 10:17 PM
why is this game so buggy did they beta test this or what because if they had they would never have unleashed this monstrosity on the public i give it

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by spiritgamer on Jul 9, 11 7:30 AM
I find the game totally boring and repetitive. The constant eat, sleep etc is annoying.
You have to constantly wait while you sleep...yawn! LOL

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by krisamata on Jul 9, 11 9:11 AM
this game is definitely not worth buying. the time in the day is way to short, the challenges are just bizarre. I'm not even halfway through, have a decent paying job but it wants me to buy the fastest car already? do they have any idea how many days it takes to get 10 grand? all i've done for days and days and days is get up and go to work, nothing else. zzzzzzz borrrrrrrring.

when i went to go move to the hotel (weird place to live), it wouldn't list a price, I went back several times wasting time and energy until finally it accepted me. (i think it was 1500).

There have been so many instances of me still having a bit of time left in the day so i go to do something (enroll in a class, or go on a waterslide) and as soon as i hit the button it says I have no time left in the day, however I can go back home and have time to relax.

the scrolling through items and classes is beyond frustrating.

I don't like that you can't fall in love, or go out with friends. I think they really should have taken a lot more time perfecting this game, it has a loooooooooong way to go.

the graphics are terrible, the tv doesn't even fit probably in the tv stand, the raccoon is funny, but seriously...who the heck buys a raccoon as a pet?

i wouldn't waste your money on this one, try something like life quest.


Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by FyreGoddess on Jul 9, 11 4:01 PM
I buy enough games that the rare letdown doesn't generally get to me. This game, however, makes me downright resentful for having wasted my money.

The amount of time it takes to sleep is ridiculous and I cannot figure out how to decrease fatigue enough to actually use the full amount of energy I have. There's nowhere near enough time in the day to accomplish anything, the items in the stores are mislabeled, the UI is counter-intuitive, the items are overpriced, the classes, jobs and items seem completely out of order and there's little rhyme or reason to the game as a whole. Even the animation is low-quality, which you'd think would help speed things up, but I was constantly feeling like the game was lagging or that I was waiting for the next thing.

I agree with all the voices that recommend Life Quest, Magic Life and even My LIfe Story (IMO, in that order). Those are fun games to play and need a little strategy and thought to complete. This, however, is the worst game I've ever gotten from BigFish.

I hope that they will either refuse to carry games by these developers or offer those of us who wasted our money a free copy of a fixed version.

Where was the beta test for this game? It never should have been released in the condition it's currently in.


Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by bjeedav on Jul 11, 11 7:53 AM
Terrible ... complete thumbs down. Very similar to Life Quest so I was interested however, the goals were random and no spelled out, you needed a larger place to buy a sofa, but it never told you how to get to the larger place. Saw some people say after they had $1500 they could move up ... I had $2300 and still couldn't . It's a terrible imitation. Will not be purchasing this game.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by Thumperboy on Jul 11, 11 2:23 PM
Has some real fun possibilities, but the the game right now has quite a few problems that make it undesireable to play.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by alicemac41 on Jul 11, 11 5:47 PM
This did get better after the hour finished and you move on. The "sofa" really bugged me too and I was completely stuck but keep going with the game, and it really did get a bit better, still not great.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by faet on Jul 11, 11 5:48 PM
Lucy 1997 You got to deposit money in a bank, but why didn't you receive any interest from your deposits?

As far as I can tell the "fee" rate that shows in the bank is actually your interest. If you can push yourself to watch through the overly long and laggy night animation you should see that amount added to your on hand cash at the beginning of each day.

I was really excited for this game, having previously bought My Life Story and Life Quest, and the genre being quite slim. However like others I gave up because of the overly long night animations (I originally thought it was a problem specific to my computer rather than poor programming). Also, while I was willing to bear through that one fault and the sofa/ottoman bug, I was never able to join an acting class because I could not find the "theater costume".

I would definitely buy this game if it went back to the drawing board and had the bugs worked out and a bit of polish added.


Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by jmshick711 on Jul 12, 11 12:43 PM
I am disappointed that I spent any credits on this game. It has a lot of bugs. It also lags and there are issues with the careers and the goals. Poor game. Would probably be good if these issues were resolved.

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Re:Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by kiwis00 on Jul 13, 11 1:04 PM
Really don't like to game much especially when you want to change clothes but you can't change clothes and you lose the ones that your character has on and forced to go to the clothing store and buy clothes so you're better off wearing the same clothes you have throughout the game because you have no clothes at your apartment. That really sucks! Then the other part where you're suppose to go sailing 10 times from the boating club, another misconception and doesn't make any sense at all which I'm trying to find the answer her in the forums. This game really takes the fun out of it and changes to one BIG frustrating game! I just want to finish it, I've been giving hints away to friends and family that are playing this game from my computer. They completely agree with me and other players that the LIFE game is much better than this game called "Path to Sucky".


Re: Reviews for Path To Success

[Post New]by atheez on Jul 15, 11 1:50 PM
I liked Life Quest a lot so I was kind of stoked about this game. It turned out to be a huge disappointment. The menus are irritating, the graphics are pretty lousy and so far, one task (buy a sofa) was fouled up and one (buy a boat) looks to be impossible to accomplish. This was a poor effort at best.

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