Re:Reviews for Vegas Penny Slots

[Post New]by johnsonfamnyc on Aug 3, 11 8:52 AM
I'm with the majority here. I love video penny slots in Vegas and Atlantic City. But this game was soooo boring. I was winning way too easily, there was zero thrill.

Like someone else said, I was winning free spins left and right - sometimes 50 free spins! I got up and did something else while the spins were going and going.

I love the concept of a penny slot game, but unfortunately this game doesn't cut it at all.


Re:Reviews for Vegas Penny Slots

[Post New]by upside_down on Aug 4, 11 9:12 PM
Well unlike most of you I like the penny slot game. It is very similar to the real slot games with tons of different bonuses. In an economy where no one can afford to go to casinos and play real slots it is a welcome replacement.

Very impressed with how it functions! I bought it!


Re:Reviews for Vegas Penny Slots

[Post New]by DragonLadyBlue on Sep 12, 13 6:13 PM
I"ve played a few slots in my time but this is pretty bad. No indication of what you won on a line if you have multiple lines, no way in the game to see what symbols are worth what coins and the feature games are all in fast auto-play so you barely have time to see if you won on one line, no chance of seeing if there was a multiple win or sitting back and savouring the joys of winning. Not even a splash screen showing your total feature win when you revert back to the main game - the only way you know it's over is that you now get to push the spin button again.

Just a little more thought and information back to the user and this could be massively improved, but I guess the developers don't see the point when Big Fish keeps publishing more versions of their same slot engine with the same issues.

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Re:Reviews for Vegas Penny Slots

[Post New]by heather100775 on Jun 5, 14 11:51 PM
Aright, I guess majority of us here are dissatisfied with the game in general. There is no storyline, there are less features, no clear bonuses, poor graphics, and the game play is not that impressive. Maybe it's because we've seen almost the same things in every slot game there is and we expect to see a variety of changes whenever a slot game is introduced. To be honest, in reality, there isn't much difference when you talk about slot games. It can really be less exciting as compared to other online games. Why not try another game that would surely keep you running? A game that has great graphics and provides amazing fun to its players in the form of spaceships and aliens. This is one hilarious game that will keep you glued on your seat while playing. You can't help grin from ear to ear as you keep running towards your goal. Try it or lose half the excitement and fun of gaming. Check it out now!

Otherwise, if you're really into the gambling game, you can always opt for something that would keep the numbers rolling and still provide you with the excitement you crave for. Try this as well

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