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Re:Catch of the Week July 2011 Royal Envoy

[Post New]by Gwhynot on Jul 30, 11 10:56 AM
I bought Timebuilders-Pyramids a few weeks ago and for the first time enjoyed a TM/sim type game. But the time limits in that series are (IMO!) insane. So when I found RE and started playing it, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I could actually win the gold sometimes. Actually I've won all the levels now, after repeated playing and a bit of help from this forum

RE is now one of my all-time favorite games because it's so very well designed and it's just so darn cute! I agree with other reviewers that the developers' own delight with this product really shows. The attention to detail, the sense of fun throughout the game is a joy. Even the soundtrack is great.

For a COW (now really, isn't there some other acronym available) RE is a steal. Snap it up! Especially anyone who hasn't tried TM games before. There's no better one around to start with. That I've found yet. Which is why I'm going to buy the CE. And hope for a sequel soon.

RE =

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[Post New]by Peace1369 on Jul 30, 11 2:56 PM
I definitely recommend this game to any Time Management players. I loved it so much i couldn't wait for the regular one to come out I had to buy the Collectors Edition because I just couldn't stop playing when the Demo ran out. Good thing about the Collectors Edition it gives you something like 60 extra levels to the game. At 2.99 this game is a steal. A lot of the levels I had to replay quite a bit till I could figure out the right strategy to beat the level, but to me that is part of the fun. I would say I played this game for weeks the first time around then played it again just recently months later after I bought and it was just as much fun the second time around. I have learned to stay more away from the games that I can get Gold on every level the first time when playing the Demo because a lot of them never get any harder. If I can beat the level every round and earn my Gold the first time I played the level where is the challenge. I consider a game a good buy if it takes me weeks to master it not hours. This game I definitely rate as a good buy.

Happy Gaming All!

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