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[Post New]by ember89 on Aug 4, 11 1:52 PM
i wanted to get into this, but i'm in an even more restrictive brace than i was before and can hardly type in various passwords and such without some difficulty...

i will say that the graphics and all the control options made it appear to be a top notch piece of work and as soon as i have more than two fingers to hit the keys with, i will be all over this!

love the comments from other gamers - left vs. right side, blowing up gas stations, and even the mountain roads... makes me think of west virginia winters and driving route ten [think of a plate of spaghetti - this little noodle starts here, but ends where?] where there are long stretches of no guard rails and some of the mountain has crumbled away in spots and you suddenly find yourself in a hairpin turn and the guy behind you is going way over the speed limit with no signs of slowing down...

oh, i wanna drive that bus!

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Re:Reviews for Bus Driver

[Post New]by lilTweet7 on Aug 5, 11 8:50 AM
Cute game. Reminds me a little of the truck driving games, except you transport passengers instead of misc. cargo. I rather prefer the keyboard controls for driving games such as this, over using a mouse (which is not even an option here), and I find when you click on the C (camera), in cabin mode, it makes for more precise & faster driving.

Managed to get all gold stars with 18 buses thus far driven, except in my first bus where I killed everyone, due to over breaking!!! LOL Well, that will teach them not to wear seat belts! Touchy people anyway.

There are 6 tier levels, with six different kinds of buses in each, which all handle differently (some better then others), especially with weather conditions... for ex. if you break too fast on snow, you will slip and slide out of control. You can play the buses in each tier in any order.

I did purchase the game, and found that with each level, more challenges come along, as well as longer driving routes. I've yet to perfect a route 100%, but came close a couple of times, with only one penalty in each. Also, in Chapter 3, driving the prison bus is rather comical, in that each time you have an accident, the prisoners yelp with delight, unlike regular passenger buses, where they scream. Furthermore, there are no penalties while driving the prison bus, except if you do not follow the helicopter above. So basically anything goes with the prisoners, & you can speed and wipe out to your hearts content.

Only negative for me: Game freezes periodically, & I have a new PC (as my other one died). The PC I'm using is less then a month old, so drivers, graphic card, etc. are all up to date, and this is an older game & not graphic intense, as are others I've played on it. Guess I should post this in the technical section. In any case, after a freeze, if I wait 30 seconds, it unfreezes itself, and game play resumes, with no progress lost. The more Ram you have, the better... I need more. Still a great game with strong replayability factor, in order to perfect your score. Game so far is very long, and I've only reached the third tier. Graphics are so so, as they are a couple of years old, and could be improved upon, yet the towns and cities are well laid out, and overall... not bad.

Music & in game sound, both have volume adjustment controls, & the map is great, especially in knowing ahead of time when to move into right & left lanes using your turn signal.

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Re:Reviews for Bus Driver

[Post New]by Demenshia on Aug 8, 11 11:22 PM
gyoung33 wrote:you can not play it on your laptop.

Yes you can, I played it on my laptop.


Re:Reviews for Bus Driver

[Post New]by gyoung33 on Aug 19, 11 7:52 AM
Demenshia wrote:
gyoung33 wrote:you can not play it on your laptop.

Yes you can, I played it on my laptop.

sorry then i just could not play it on my laptop

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Reviews for Bus Driver

[Post New]by MYMCR on Aug 25, 11 9:42 PM
Ok I really like this game and I agree with alot of what people have said already. I'm gunna go ahead and do this the lazy way...

Graphics: Lovely, I find them very well done. a bit choppy?... for lack of a better word. But very nice nonetheless. I say 8/10

Controls:This has tested me time and time again. Turning your bus at times can be d*mn near impossible. Pardon my choice of words. I also among many others Im sure have problems with OVERBREAKING... TAP your breaks people. If ur playing with your keyboard this will save you many headaches and hardships. Sadly 4.5/10

Sound: The music was OK... lets leave it at that. The sound effects. Awesome! Especially on the routs where you are transporting inmate. HA! I love it! They laugh and cheer when you smash into something. Nice comedic break lol. Other than that, the bus and car sounds are realistic and well done as well as any sounds comming from passengers. A well deserved 8/10

Really, I enjoy playing the game driving like a madman and smashing into things and causing my passengers to scream and pray for their life. Ahhh. Now that is fun!. But for whatever reason you play. Enjoy and have fun. Remember it is just a game and if it unfairly penalizes you... you can always flip your bus and say Sc**w em all!


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[Post New]by paleypei on Sep 2, 11 8:54 AM
I actually enjoyed this game. I played this on my laptop and because I'm quite used to keyboard, I don't have trouble using the arrow buttons to control the bus. But I had to configure the blinker lights. Brackets were just too close to comfort, and I moved it to Q and W where I can use my left hand to control that.

Graphics were a little jerky for me at times but bearable. I find the curvy up slopes most challenging and here's why. You literally have to step on your accelerator all the time to prevent the bus to move (it was literally crawling), but at the same time, you have to make sure the bus isn't out of the lane. It was tough for me.

I love the scenery, very nice.

I would love to get the Bus Driver 2 if there is one. LoL.


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[Post New]by Dream303 on Apr 20, 12 9:02 PM
I found it very fun, the graphics are great, but the instructions and what your supposed to do aren't really set out cleanly. I would love it if the driving part was 'easier'. I don't know how to make it easier, but all I know is that turning, staying in your lane, and stopping is a huge problem for me... so basically mostly everything that is required in the game. Although it was hard, I just pushed the fact that I can't drive aside, and just enjoyed the game. Sure, my score wasn't pretty, but I was glad I put my hour to a good use


Re:Reviews for Bus Driver

[Post New]by Kimsie1 on Jul 20, 12 3:14 AM
gyoung33 wrote:you can not play it on your laptop.[/q

Sure you can!


Re:Reviews for Bus Driver

[Post New]by sharow on Aug 25, 12 10:25 AM
I love the game it is so easy!!!! The only thing that stinks about the game is how slow the buses start and stop, other than that its a great game!!


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[Post New]by StrangeSounds200 on Jun 29, 14 7:01 PM
I like the game. However, I would really like to know what country this game was written for.

Because, the lane changing and driving rules don't seem to apply. In the US, you're required to be in the closest lane of the new direction of travel before you can turn. So, like if I'm making a right hand turn to the right hand lane, I need to be in the right hand lane.

In this game, it seems to be that you have to match the lane of the new direction you're going to travel in.

For instance, if you're turning left, and you're turning into a 4 lane street, and you're on a 4 lane street, then you have to be in the 4th lane on the right to make that left turn into the 4th lane of the new direction. This does not make sense - unless there are arrows which direct you visually into what lanes you're supposed to go.

Also, you seem to get penalized at times for making a signal and turning into the proper lane. Again, it doesn't make sense. What did I do wrong?

I would like to see this game settings accept more types of yokes and steering wheels.


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