Syberia - Instructions on How To Play

[Post New]by tonnette on Jan 9, 09 4:52 AM
bfgErie wrote:When you first start up the game, you are presented with the Main Menu. From the Main Menu you can start a new game, load a previously saved game, view cutscenes, view credits, options and quit.

Main Menu
New Game
When you play for the first time, a cutscene is launched automatically explaining your context at the start of the adventure.

Load Game
Each saved game is represented by a picture and is dated the day and hour of saving. To resume a saved game, click with your left mouse button on the corresponding image.

This option enables you to view the cutscenes that you have already played in the game.

This option displays the game's credits.

This sub-menu enables you to adjust the various graphics and sound options of the game.

This option halts the game and returns you to Windows.

Options Menu

Subtitles (Yes/No)
To display (or not) the game's sub-titles at the bottom of the screen.

Level of detail (High / Low):
Use this option to adjust the graphic quality of the game according to your computer's performance. Setting Level of detail to High enables you to get the most out of the visual effects of the game and will enhance your immersion in it. Setting Level of detail to Low will disable some of the optional visual effects

Screen depth (16 bits / 32 bits):
This option offers another way of adjusting the quality of the game's graphics to suit your computer. In 32-bit mode, the game will use a wider range of colors and therefore the display will be optimal. On the other hand, in 16-bit mode you will improve performances but your color range will be more limited. 16-bit mode is particularly recommended for PCs with graphics cards lower than 32 Mb. The game should be re-booted for this option to take effect.

Anti-aliasing (Yes / No):
This option enables you to soften the characters' contours and enhance their graphics. We recommend that you do not activate this option if your computer has limited capacities, as this may be detrimental to performances. The game should be re-booted for this option to take effect.

Sound volume:
This menu enables you to adjust the volume of sound effects and voices.

Music volume:
This menu enables you to adjust the volume of the background music.

How to play
It is possible to play Syberia entirely with the mouse.
-Left click for movement and actions.
-Right click to view the game menu, use an object from the inventory, consult documents or use your cell phone.
-To jump a cutscene or a line in the dialogue, press the Esc button or right click with your mouse.
-To run, double left click on your mouse.

The game icons
Ring - Clicking the mouse will move the charecter to this point
Glowing Ring - Move to an adjacent scene
Y - Action possible in this area of the scene
Y with an X over it - No action possible
Eyeglass - Talk to charecter or zoom in on scene
Hand - Pick up or Grab

The inventory menu
To reach the end of your mission, you have to collect objects that will be automatically placed in your inventory. Right-click to access your inventory. To select an object, click on it with the left mouse button. The object selected will appear on the bottom left of the screen. To leave the inventory without selecting an object, right click on it with your mouse. To use an object, select it then click on the zone or the character on which you wish to use it. If the object selected cannot be used, the No Action Possible icon will appear.

The cell phone
When Kate receives a telephone call, she will reply automatically. To call someone, click on the telephone icon in your inventory. The Cell Phone interface will open. Dial the 8 figure telephone number of the character to whom you wish to speak. There are also numbers in the telephone's repertoire that you may consult by clicking on the up and down arrows. When the 8 numbers have been entered or you have selected a number in the inventory, press the Call/Answer button. When you have finished your call and you do not want to make any others, click on the Off button.

To consult or use your documents, click on the Documents icon. To consult a document, click on the eye icon, then click on the document of your choice. To use a document, click on the hand icon, then click on the document of your choice. Documents are accessed in the same way as objects.

If you direct the pointer at a character and it turns into a "Talk to character" icon, you can converse with a character. To engage in conversation with a character, click the left button of your mouse. Some characters have more to say than others. You can structure your conversations using the Dialogue notebook that appears on the left of the screen. There are various themes in the notebook. You can thus tackle themes relevant to your progression by clicking on them in the Dialogue notebook. When you want to bring the conversation to a close, click on the arrow at the bottom of your notebook. New and different themes will be added to your list as the adventure goes along. You will be notified of their availability by a sound and a notebook icon, which will appear for several seconds at the bottom left of the screen.


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cat52 wrote:Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for - so how come there is no Syberia forum?

Just to make sure I understand the the beginning, when Booboo or Moomoo or whatever the kid's name is has been run off, I picked up the gears and noticed the pattern on the table-top...just to check that I didn't miss something obvious, there is no way to place the gears on the table, correct? The pattern is, no doubt, a Clue, but not THAT obvious a clue

Editing in a P.S. Ooo, ooo, my 52nd post! Wish it were a little meatier
Wait, I to why there is no forum...can we say "Big Fish: Tomorrow's Game Today...Big Fish Forums: Yesterday's Game Tomorrow"? Kidding!


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I can make the right drink for the operasinger
Can you help me?

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[Post New]by cat52 on Jan 10, 09 3:07 PM
When I changed anti-aliasing and depth, the game said I had to reboot the PC, not just the game. Your instrux say reboot the game. That would save a step - so I'm just asking for verification - the game, it is lying, the BFGErie, this is truth? (Sorry, a little too much talking to Momo).

Edit: update: I'm thinking you gotta reboot the PC because when I only rebooted the game, I had another freeze within minutes. When I left the lower settings in place and rebooted the computer, I was able to play again and have been - am now on way to Aralbad with no further problems...

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I only went here (to the Big Fish Forums) where I've been before and to the link below:[URL Removed by Forum Moderator] . WARNING!!! I got a horrible virus in disguise as a spyware thing. It is called Spyware Guard 2009. If you see it, RUN! Not only did it eat the spyware and virus protection I already had. It messed up my RegEdit and System Restore. After many hours of trying to uninstall it, edit my RedEdit, etc I finally had to reformat my entire system. I don't think I got it from the Big Fish Forums and the only other place I went was the website above because I was stuck. I'm not sure that's how I got it, but it's my best guess. I just wanted to pass this information along.

llilly wrote:I played both Syberia and Syberia 2 and they are among the best games I have played simply for the story, music and the beauty of the graphics. As a large file game, it is normally a leap of faith to download it, but if you like following clues that make the story unfold, picking up objects to make something work right, etc. you will love this game because it does those things so much better than Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, etc. I looked high and low for other games by this author, but these were the only ones he (she?) made that I can find. You can't die, you don't have to fight anything, and there is no blood or gore.

The best source for hints for this game and many others is at the Universal Hint System because you can reveal only a little bit of the hint at a time to just help you along when you are stuck, not reveal all of what to do unless you want to.

For Syberia, these hints are located at

TomPop is right -- you get emotionally invested in this game and I felt sad it was over, but it had such a beautiful ending in Syberia 2. Have fun with it!

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[Post New]by purplehaze32117 on Jan 13, 09 7:30 AM
how do i get the train wound up

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[Post New]by msblueyes on Jan 13, 09 9:43 AM
when I am at the door with the automatic on the wall with his hand out. I placed the fax in his hands and pulled the lever but all I got was her saying the lever was jammed. I tried several times but kept getting that the lever was jammed. dan someone help me with this? also are the gears you pick up after momo suppose to go on th table or do you use them somewhere else? They wont go on the table

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[Post New]by bfgErie on Jan 13, 09 10:37 AM
Hi msblueyes,

This one got me too. There are actually two levers you have to hit on the automaton on the door. The first is on his chest, the second one is the automatons arm.

Those gears you picked up when Momo left wont be used until later on. So hang on to them.


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[Post New]by chimystery on Jan 13, 09 11:59 AM
help !!!!! how do i open the dam to get to the cave ??
does the gate at the end of town open? does the church door open ?
does the gate in the garden open ?
helllllllppppppp !

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[Post New]by comicseller on Jan 13, 09 3:26 PM
I talked to the notary and got the letter, but now I'm back in his waiting room looking for the key. It takes me to the desk and shows me the blotter with the automotrons but I can't make anything work and don't know what to do next.

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[Post New]by jmwillo on Jan 13, 09 4:54 PM
After reading the instructions on how to play syberia, it really dosn't help when you have problems saving your game. After starting 3 times from the begining has anyone any better idea's when you go to the save game you press and nothing happens.

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[Post New]by ecblisa on Jan 13, 09 11:40 PM
I had this same problem, and here is what worked for me: After you say "save game" and get a blank screen with something like "new saved game" under it, click on that blank screen. You should get a picture of the last place you visited, and it is THAT which actually saves if. If you don't click on the blank screen, it won't save. (I like finding things out for myself, but how to save a game should not be one of them!)


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[Post New]by judyjudyjudy on Jan 14, 09 2:40 AM
Hi. I am new to this. But I too can't get the autotom to take the fax #2. I have the fax in the left bottom corner. And my curser turns to what looks like a cross bow. But it keeps saying something is missing when I click on his chest or hands. And do I wind the big automon under him? when do I pull the lever . I have been trying this for hours and days. Please help.

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[Post New]by Patty60 on Jan 16, 09 9:25 AM
My problem area is the University Lock. I think I have followed instructions and did everything required of me before trying to enter the numbers in the keypad of the Lock Operating Mechanism but after inserting the key rec'd from the Barge people, I entered the number 42 and nothing happens, the water in the lock does not go down, I've taken a phone call from Mother, have got my wine from Station master, paid the barge people, got the key, what haven't I done? I've got three different walk throughs printed out and none of them say anything except enter #42.

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[Post New]by AlmostSilver on Jan 16, 09 9:33 AM
Hi Patty60....did you press the star key after entering 4 and then 2??? Just a thought


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[Post New]by annie1946 on Jan 18, 09 11:26 AM
please can you help me i have gotten into this game and guess what i cant save it i am pulling my hair out coz ive lost my game what am i doin wrong HELP anne


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[Post New]by MRYIA33 on Jan 19, 09 11:35 AM
comicseller wrote:I talked to the notary and got the letter, but now I'm back in his waiting room looking for the key. It takes me to the desk and shows me the blotter with the automotrons but I can't make anything work and don't know what to do next. [/look at the coat rack theres a key.]

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[Post New]by ldbevins on Jan 23, 09 12:37 PM
I also have purchased Syberia. I live in a rural area so I only have
dial-up. I think most of you are pretty lucky. It took me days to download
this game and that was downloading 24 hrs. a day! One of these days
I'll be able to get the faster service and that will be heaven for me. These
forms are great! Any time I have a question about a game, I always find
the answer here. Thanks

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[Post New]by AlmostSilver on Jan 23, 09 12:43 PM
Wow...that's a long time...we opted for isn't any faster...blanks out a lot and........when the weather is bad....nothing.notta.zilch...we've had it checked a million times and the settings are perfect. Feel for ya. We were able to get DSL even tho we are considered rural...lucky us.) Kept the satellite in case we have a hurricane.


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[Post New]by halhati on Jan 24, 09 3:32 PM
Hello, First thankyou for the welcome. I have XP and have no idea how to save a game. I put documents as my save game place but no luck yet.Everytime I play this very good game I have to start from the beginning which is making my virtual legs ache. Please help an old fogey still learning how to use a PC. thanks Halhati (magpie)

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